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Top Website Trends in 2022

As a local web design company, one of the questions we get asked most often is, “what are the trends this year I can use on my website?” Just like fashion and hobbies, websites go through different trends to keep their visitors engaged and involved. While there are many different trends right now, here are my top 7 to make your visitors say, “Wow!”

Top 7 Website Trends You Should Be Aware of

  1. Funky Shapes and Colors– This year the use of bright exaggerated colors and shapes are huge in the web design world. Memphis Design is coming back from the 80s in full force with the use of multiple neons or bright colors with the use of fun shapes such as squiggles, circles, and squares.
  2. Monochromatic Color Schemes– On the complete other side of the spectrum, websites that are in black and white are gaining more and more popularity due to their minimalist look.
  3. Indianapolis Web Design portfolioBig Bold Fonts – This year large fonts are all across the web. In 2022, rules are out the window! It is time to experiment with some new large fonts!
  4. Designs with Three Dimensions– Another eye-pleasing esthetic of 2022 is the use of 3D designs. This could be graphics or actual imagery to enhance interest.
  5. Layered Effects– Layered effects are a great way to stack components and connect different elements. This is a great way to engage your visitors. You can do this by utilizing your section’s background, foreground, and midground.
  6. Scrolling Text Elements– It is important to have legible text, but it is also important to keep your visitors engaged. An easy way to do this is with large text that scrolls on the page! You want to be sure to keep these sections simple, so you do not distract your visitor either!
  7. Spit Screen Designs– Split content is a great way to engage visitors with a lot of content without overwhelming the viewing experience.

Do you want to revamp your website? Reach out to Nextfly Web Design and see how you can incorporate this year’s trends on your website! We cannot wait to hear from you!