June 26, 2017

Are These SEO Mistakes Costing You Valuable Sales?

Optimization is an integral part of any content marketing strategy as it is a powerful way to bring visitors to your website. The field is ever evolving and it’s often difficult for the average business owner to keep up with the latest updates. You need to make sure you’re not hurting your efforts by making […]

One Page, Multiple Keywords: Yay or Nay?

To know whether your page needs targeting multiple keywords or have a singular keyword focus, you first need to ascertain how competitive your targeted terms/phrases are and how many of them carry the same visitor intent. If a keyword is highly competitive, single page optimization is recommended so that the internal and external links that […]

5 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

Creating a website does not necessarily mean that you’ll automatically have visitors. “If you build it, they will come” certainly doesn’t apply to website traffic.  This is a common misconception we encounter daily at Phoenix Web Design. It’s easy to get frustrated when the visitors you hoped for somehow haven’t found their way to your […]

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