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At NEXTFLY Phoenix web design, we have a team of highly skilled developers that can implement your ideas and create a notable web presence for your company. Our staff consists of experienced web programmers, front-end coders, server specialists and QA testers. Our teams’ main goal is to ensure your web development project is performed correctly the first time.

We develop custom web sites for our Phoenix clients, using WordPress. If you view our Phoenix web development portfolio it consists of custom web applications, plugins/modules, and 100% static PHP/MySQL build-outs.

Our Phoenix Web Development Process

  • wed development in actionMeeting– Our sales team will meet with each one of our Phoenix clients to get the specifications of your project to prep for the web development process. The best way to prepare for this step is to have a list of key features you would like your Phoenix website to focus on and if possible what you envision your website to look like.
  • Planning– Don’t worry if you don’t have that creative streak in you to envision what your website may look like, NEXTFLY has you covered. There are many web development companies that do not fully plan out the project and often realize it is something they cannot take on. We pride ourselves on taking the time to fully plan out your web design  Without planning, you can run into numerous problems. The web developers may experience challenges in the construction of the site and delay the web development or even shut down the project if they cannot fix the issues. You will not experience that with our Phoenix web development company. We spend the proper amount of time planning every web project that coincide with the needs of our Phoenix clients. Everything from the initial meeting to the designing stages, and through web development of the site. You’re in good hands and Nextfly will deliver exactly what you are looking for.
  • Website Design + Usability + Web Development –After the planning stage, we will next focus on the development of the timelines (start and end dates), budget and cost of the project, and the terms of agreement by both parties. Now it’s time for the exciting start of your new web project! Our web development team will begin the design + usability phase of your web site. In this stage you will view mockups to ensure your website is exactly the look that you are going for and also the functions of the web site. Our next step is to make sure the project is designed in the confines of our Content Management Systems (CMS) for our Phoenix clients. Using Content Management Systems for our web development process is a benefit to our clients. Not only will you be able to update your own content and photos once your website is complete, you have more control of your site with these systems. But don’t let that scare you, we offer a 2-hour training to ensure you understand the back end of your website, so you are empowered to make these changes at ease. And we are always just a phone call or click away if you have a quick question for our Phoenix web development team. Just think of the time and money you will save by making these edits yourself.
  • Testing On Your Web Development Project– Once we have completed the design phase, adding all the functionalities, content, images and development of the site, the next phase is to test your website. We perform numerous tests to ensure the website is not only user friendly, but the functionality of the site is working and any issues or bugs that may pop up are taken care of. Not only do we test your site, but we also have you test it out before we ever consider launching it. We want you to be happy with the overall look and function of the website. After you approve the website, the next exciting step is to: GO LIVE! Now all of the hard work of web development has paid off. You will now have an impressive online presence in the Phoenix area.

Integration Using Our Phoenix Web Development Company

web development finished projectWith all of the resources online, we want your Phoenix website to be able to communicate with them. Many Content Management Systems have built in plug-ins to connect to many of these resources, but it may take some customization from our web development team.

The main goal of a web site is to have your Phoenix audience be able to connect with you on numerous levels and as easy as possible. That is why is it important to have a web development company that is experienced in this field. By adding these customization features, you will receive more engagement on these social media platforms, which in turn can result in more business. Some of the more popular integrations we work with:

-Social Media: Integrating, rather than just linking, to your social media make it easier for your visitors to connect with you.  The easier we can make this interaction, the more followers and engagement you will see.  What better way than right on your own site!

-eCommerce: Whether selling through your own store, or just accepting invoice payments through your site, we can get you connected.  We typically support Paypal/Authorize.net as payment gateways, real-time shipping API integration, sales tax setup, and much more.

-Third Party Programs: Newsletter support (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.), your Customer Relationship Management program (Salesforce, Highrise, etc.), or any other current system you would like to integrate.  As long as it’s possible, we will connect the dots for you. We know how much people enjoy writing blogs and sharing them on social media, we can help you add these to your web site as well. Have any other ideas you are interested in, just ask! Our main goal is to make our Phoenix customers the site they are looking for.

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