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Why do you visit a website? Simple, to learn something about the company or a particular product that you have searched for. This is where content comes in. Content can come in many forms but is basically all of the information on your website: pictures, text, audio, or video. Content plays a very vital role in the overall ‘health’ of your website. You use the content on your page to help inform your customers, buy your products, or maybe even just for entertainment value—but it’s all content.

Keep it Fresh

employee bloggingSo, you built an amazing website loaded it full of content and now you are done. You get to just sit back and watch the magic happen, right? Wrong! Your content needs to be updated and new content uploaded and done so on a regular basis. If there is no new information on your site, then there is no reason for anyone to come back for a future visit. Updating can also come in many forms, maybe new products to sell, updated videos or pictures, employee changes, or even adding a blog. A blog is a great way to add valuable content on a regular basis and is one of our top recommendations for all websites.  Adding new and pertinent content can also help you reduce your site’s bounce rate. You have a very short amount of time, actually less than 10 seconds, to grab and hold onto your audience before they have moved on and found a different and more engaging site.

Keep it Clean

Someone has searched out your site for a reason and now is your chance to get em’! Your content needs to be well-written, clear, organized, and informative.  Sloppy content is a sure-fire way to get someone to leave your page quickly. Your customer isn’t going to feel confident in using you as say their investment firm if you don’t know when to use there and their. Proof reading and spell check are your friends.

Keep it Instructive

call to action in useMake sure your page is informative, this is your moment to outshine your competitors on your product knowledge. If I am choosing between two similar companies I would want to pick the business who seemed to be the most knowledgeable. Don’t forget to post your reviews and testimonials, these are excellent ways to continually update your content and give your customer confidence boost in you as well.

A Call to Action is another great tool to have. This is a command set up on your page that requires and action from your visitor. This can be anything from a ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ or even an effortless ‘read more’. These simple commands help keep your customer actively engaged in your site, and that is exactly what you want.

Keep it Ranking

Using your company’s key words often in your content is a great way to get attention from the major search engines like Google and thus increasing your Search Engine Ranking. However, don’t use all your efforts on gearing your content just for the search engines, it still needs to be people friendly…I mean, they are the ones you built the site for to begin with.

Keep it Nextfly

At Nextfly we know that content is KING! We would love to sit down and talk to you about making your content consistent, grammatically correct while being more effective and appealing in order to capture your audience like never before.

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