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A blog is a regularly updated informative page on your website that is usually written in a more conversational or diary-type style. You generally display a blog in reverse chronological order, in other words, the most recent blog will show up first. Remember, content is king and at Nextfly we know that a regular blog is a must-have to get new and updated content onto the web. Adding a blog is a great way to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by exponentially increasing your number of indexed pages and increasing your number of visitors. Linking your blog to all social media sites is another great way to increase your page’s online presence.

What do I Blog About?

blogA blog can literally be about anything, but making it pertain to your business or products in a way is also a great Digital Marketing tool for you. Having a blog helps your customer see a bit of the human side of your business due to the generally relaxed writing style. Blogging about your products and business can help to build customer confidence in you and even help to create an open forum for other customers to ask questions or give feedback. This shows your customer that you value their opinion and can help build repour. Repeat business and customer loyalty is key to any business’ success and having a weekly blog can help get you there.

What Makes a Good Blog?

In order to have a good blog, you need to make sure that the content of the blog is the same as the title you have given it. You don’t want to give your blog the title, ‘Space Aliens attack Phoenix’ and the content is about the company launching its newest Lasik procedure machine. Using a gimmicky tile is not the way to hook your audience. You want well-written, informative content that helps your customers learn about a product, service, or just your business in general. Makes sure your thoughts are clear and that the blog is organized so that it is easy to follow along. You also want to make sure that you are free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Who Can Help?

Nextfly workingIf this is overwhelming or confusing in any way, don’t worry, we would be glad to help! Maybe you don’t have the time to start a blog or just need a little help getting started.  At Nextfly we would love to show you how having a blog will increase your Phoenix business’ SEO and even the number of visitors your page receives. We can help you outline your plan; help identify who your target audience is, or even write your blogs for you. We can write a couple of starter blogs or even handle a weekly blog for you and everything in between. We take the time to get to know you and your business so the blog is your voice, and no one will know you that it’s not you are doing the writing. Depending on your companies needs and your budget we can devise a plan that will fit you! Our team is experienced in writing content rich blogs that are key-word rich to help optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will run monthly analytical reports to show the performance of the blog and what areas are working and what improvements can be made so that the blog is as optimized as possible. The algorithm Google uses can be confusing and is ever-changing and we make sure to keep up with the changes so we can help you stay up on the major search engine platforms. We want to help you succeed!

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