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As a Phoenix Web Design Company, we know that marketing has come a long way in the last 10-20 years. We have to be a little more aggressive than just putting up a billboard or an ad in the local newspaper. These forms of advertising previously worked great, but don’t cut it in today’s digital age. Digital marketing is the way of the world and it is becoming more prevalent every day. PPC is an amazingly effective marketing tool for today’s online market.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click or also known and Cost-Per-Click. Pay-Per-Click Marketing is where you, the advertiser, will pay a search engine a fee each time someone clicks on your ad. You are technically buying site visits instead of waiting on them happen organically, and you will learn that PPC is worth the cost! For example, let’s say you are in the jewelry business and you are running a PPC ad on engagement rings. Let’s say you have a $25 per click fee and get 10 clicks on Monday. Then on one of those 10 clicks, someone comes into the store and you sell them one of your $12,250 rings. You made a $12,000 profit today. That’s a pretty good day!

How Did It Start?

The first of these types of paid internet ads was in the mid-1990’s. By 1997 many big brand companies were using them. Back then the going rate was about 25 cents per click. Google joined in 1999 and was using “per click’ (previously was per 1000 impressions) by 2002. By 2014,  Google made 45 billion dollars of revenue from online advertising. It took off quickly and shows no signs of slowing down today.

Why PPC Marketing?

PPC ads are a great fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes for many reasons.  You have control of how much you spend, how long you run each ad, and who can see your ad based on your selected audience.

Targeted Audience

Pay-Per-Click Ads only show in front of the audience who has specifically searched what you are selling. You can’t narrow down a much better audience than in-market consumers looking for your exact products. As a business that’s an amazing opportunity. The people who see your ads are an audience who are past the look-around phase. They click on your ad because they are ready to buy. Quickly converting clicks to sales.

Self-Controlled Budget

man taking money out of walletWith PPC ads you can control your budget and change it as often as you’d like. You want to set your monthly budget and then divide that by the month. Your budget is on the campaign level and CAN be exceeded on a daily basis but will not go over the monthly total. For example, if you have a $300 monthly advertising budget then you would divide that by 30 days and get a daily budget of $10 dollars per day.

The average price is $3 per click and can vary depending on your industry. So, if you were to have a $3 bid amount then you would get 2-3 clicks per day until you hit the $10/per day limit. Then your ad would shut off until tomorrow. Your budget is like the money in your wallet and the bid is equal to the amount you are willing to spend on an item. If you realize you are hitting your daily budget too soon you can go in and increase it and see what amount works better. It is very simple to change it when needed or even pause it for a period of time. Let’s say you are a one-man operation and you are going on vacation for a week and cannot take the calls related to your ad, you can put it on pause and turn it back on when you get back.

A PPC ad is generally set up like so:

  • Headline
  • URL
  • Description
  • Extension, call, sitelink

PPC ads have a very simple layout and are easy to manage, and they are very effective in driving visits into conversions.

Research Is The Key To Success

laptop open to Google searchIt is very important to put in the work on researching the proper keywords. This will help you get your desired results of more conversions! Don’t let the research process overwhelm you, it can seem a bit daunting at first. When searching for keywords, do not just focus on the most searched terms but some of the other more specific and less common terms as well. Sometimes these turn out to be the more profitable terms. Make sure that the keywords you are searching are actually relevant to your ad. Once you have found your keywords you need to organize the information and set up proper campaigns and groups. You will also need to set up a landing page for the ad.

Give NEXTFLY a call for your Phoenix Web Design and your PPC marketing plan. We can not only get you in a brand-new custom-built website, but we can help you devise a digital marketing strategy to help boost your company to that next level of success. When you succeed, we succeed. Call us today and let’s get started.

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