Phoenix Digital Marketing

Phoenix Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing; what is it and why does my business need it?

Digital marketingMarketing is not what it used to be, putting your Phoenix business’ name up on a billboard in town for a month or grabbing a spot in this weeks issue of the Five and Dime is just not going to cut it in this day and age. People want their information now and accessible to them anywhere and anytime. As a leader in the Digital Marketing industry, Nextfly can get your company where it needs to be.

So, what is it, well it is basically marketing your business in the digital outlets of the world. It is getting your business, products, content, blog, etc. out there into the digital world. Getting your content into the fingertips of your customers through any or all of the various digital platforms that they may be using; be that email, social media sites, web searches, eCommerce, etc. Nextfly can even help you to customize your marketing plan to fit your target audience.

How Can We Help you?

We have over 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing and we are ready to help elevate your Phoenix business to the next level. Our Digital Marketing consultants would love to talk to you about helping to raise your organic ranking position, local listing and setting up a solid plan for your Digital Marketing campaign in order to help you rise to the top of the major search engines and watch your business thrive.

Phoenix Marketing Strategies

customers searching webThere are multiple ways to go about expanding your Marketing plan. When you meet with our consultants we will help decide what is best for company based on your needs, what you are offering and what your company’s overall objective may be. We will then come up with a comprehensive marketing plan specifically for your Phoenix company. Here is just a few of our most popular options:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Digital Marketing

This is our most requested form of Digital Marketing and is a great way to get immediate results. This where the advertiser runs an add and pays a fee each time someone “clicks” on the add and is then taken to your site. You are basically “buying” visits to your site as opposed to waiting on them to happen naturally. Let us meet with you and see how we can get new sales headed your way!

  • Pixel Marketing or ReMarketing

This form of marketing takes PPC to the next level and is extremely popular right now in the Digital Marketing world. Think of it as extreme target Marketing. We would set up a pixel that would track visitors to your site and then for the next, say 30 days, we would have advertisements catered to their previous searches following them around the internet. This Is a very effective tool because your product stays on your customers mind long after they have moved on from your website. For example; you sell custom built chicken coops. A customer comes to your site and views your coops. When he then goes to a competitor’s site, or checks his social media accounts, or does a google search, etc. there your add will be, reminding him how much he loved your product. Give us a call at (480)630-999 and let Nextfly get your business booming!

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the way of the world these days and if your business doesn’t have several different Social media accounts I would be very surprised. With all these Social Media accounts out there, you would expect to have a lot of activity and business being generated from these sites, but you may be finding that not to be the case. You may have some stagnate Social Media accounts and we can help you bring them back to life. This is a very common problem that we are very experienced at fixing. At Nextfly our Phoenix Digital Marketing specialists can put together the perfect social media package to get your business gaining likes and followers, building a stronger internet presence and even increasing the amount of foot traffic to your storefront.

Give Nextfly a call today and let us work up the best Digital Marketing plan to help boost your Phoenix business, using these tools and others I am sure that we have just wat you need to become the web dominate company you are hoping to be.

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