A Year in Review!

A Year in Review!

Our Phoenix Web Design company had an amazing year in 2019!  Here are some of highlights of everything exciting here at NEXTFLY and why we should be your Web Design and Digital Marketing company in 2020.

A new office!  In 2019 we had many exciting milestones reached but one of the best ones was the opening of our new Web Design office in Goodyear, AZ!  We’ve always had a corporate HQ along with office space in Arizona for the last 5 years, but we never had an office custom-built for ourselves.  We are proud to be the #1 Web Design and Digital Marketing provider in Goodyear and the entire Phoenix area.  We hope that you will come visit our new offices.  We love hosting new prospective clients here each week.  Our new conference room has a projector to use so we can look through beautiful designs together and talk through options for your new website.  Stop by and see us in 2020, our doors are always open for you!

New Partnerships!  Prior to 2019, we never really had a low-cost offering for startup companies and businesses with very limited budgets.  NEXTFLY was proud to announce back in the Spring that we had signed a new partnership with WIX.  They are well known as a “build your own website” company.  With this partnership, startup companies are able to utilize NEXTFLY to have a professionally designed website for a very low up-front cost and a reasonable monthly fee.  This has become a very popular option for businesses who would like to get a site online without breaking the bank.  While our custom and semi-custom WordPress projects are still the bread and butter here at NEXTFLY, this partnership with WIX has become a great solution!  We now have a product offering to meet any budget and can help any business boost their sales and revenue.  If you’re interested in an option like WIX, stop by and see us here at NEXTFLY, we would love to show you some examples of the beautiful sites we can build on that platform.

New Coworkers!  One of our biggest strengths her at NEXTFLY is our ability to recruit highly talented individuals.  In 2019, as we saw amazing growth, our team grew as well.  We here at NEXTFLY in Arizona saw the addition of Sarah Griffith.  Sarah has made leaps and bounds in her knowledge and skillset in a very short time.  She is highly efficient, highly organized and highly likable!  Sarah is involved in every project that we build in the Goodyear office and is loved by all of our clients.  We are excited to have Sarah on the team and we know great things are in store for everyone here in 2020!  Our Headquarters in Indianapolis also saw the additions of some talented teammates.  NEXTLFY is proud to welcome Anthony and Leigh to the team!  We know that there are great things in store for them in 2020 as well.

New Software!  WordPress is still the industry standard to work with when it comes to building your new website.  Our team has thrived based on their advanced knowledge of WordPress and its capabilities.   There have been many advancements in software that works with WordPress and makes it easier for the end-user.  We are now able to build these sites faster and more beautiful than ever.  While I’m not going to give out all of our secrets, new software has enabled our team to create sites that are easy for our clients to use and manage.  We here at NEXTFLY have always been big proponents of empowering our clients to manage their own websites.  We offer a 2-hour training course with every project to give our clients the ability to make edits and updates to their own site.  We are always here to support our clients if they want to be more “hands-off”.  Many of our clients love the fact that we will train them after the job is done.  With the new software additions to our arsenal, our clients are now able to edit their WordPress website with the greatest of ease.  We have moved to a new standard here at NEXTFLY and we are very excited about what is to come in 2020!

All the best!  We want to thank all of our clients, relationships and partnerships out there for making 2019 an amazing year for us here at NEXTFLY.  We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We will see you in 2020!

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