Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for Your SEO Campaign

Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for Your SEO Campaign

phoenix seoIf you are a newbie in the landscape of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, allow us to share some wisdom with you. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building quality links. No matter how many “6 steps to building quality links overnight” posts you read, it’s never going to happen. Sad. But true.

The good news is it’s not a hard job at all. There are some really good white hat link building strategies that can make you an online powerhouse over time. Here are some of our favorite techniques to gain quality links for your site’s SEO campaign.

Write and publish quality content.

How many times have you heard this before? Probably because, oh we don’t know, excellent content is still the most guaranteed way to attract people to your website?

When it comes to using content to reach out to the global audience and engage with them, you have many more options than just publishing blog posts on your website.

In addition to writing articles on prevalent topics (with a fresh spin), consider writing e-books on popular topics. Publishing highly detailed e-books on topics your audience really cares about, turns you into an instant authority figure in the online world. Plus, if you give away that e-book for free, people will automatically take that and share your content without you having to lift a finger. With every e-book you create, you generate more free and high-quality traffic. Talk about win-win.

The same goes for white-papers, video content, and infographics. People love useful information that’s also enjoyable! Write white papers as a guide to solving a specific problem (technical or otherwise). Create informative and entertaining videos and share them on your social network.

Form Partnerships.

Make a list of companies and individuals in your industry and niche and ask them if they would like to partner up online. You can link to each other’s blog posts, white papers, videos, and infographics. This is an excellent way to leverage your website with additional quality traffic.

Recognize the power of social media.

Even though a lot of companies are using various social media platforms to attract new audience and potential customers, it’s not easy to sustain that attention. Focus on making an impact and establishing yourself as a powerhouse authority figure.

Make use of every social media channel; publish excellent attention-grabbing content consistently; link to your website and your most popular blog posts.

Join the “Famous” Club.

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When your goal is to make your website the best authority within your industry, focus on exposing your content (excellent, topnotch content) to such a degree that it gives you a boost of viral link sharing. In addition to the above-mentioned forms of content, consider:

  • Publishing case studies that show the readers how you achieved a certain goal
  • Interviewing popular bloggers, writers, news reporters or any person who is considered authority
  • Creating podcasts (audio recordings) on a topic that your audience will love
  • Publishing press releases in popular PR sites online.

So, there you go. Implementing even one of these white hat SEO strategies will skyrocket your link building to new heights. Just remember to be consistent in your efforts.



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