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Cave Creek, Arizona is a destination for those who want to kick back and enjoy nature. Others enjoy the nostalgia of a simpler time. But anyone who is making Cave Creek a destination for a weekend getaway or long-term stay relies on technology to help them decide where to go. A website for your business is the best way to make a first impression. With colorful visuals and informative text, a new website could help attract visitors to your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a useful tool to help more people find you. NEXTFLY is a Cave Creek Web Design Company with years of experience helping Arizona businesses be found by tourists and locals alike.

A website doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or take a very long time. We can create a website for your business faster than you might have expected. Contact NEXTFLY today to get started on your brand-new website.

How a Cave Creek Web Design Company Can Help Your Business

Trusting an experienced Cave Creek Web Design Company like NEXTFLY can really help your business gain exposure and bring new customers into your business. Consumer businesses, B2B businesses, government agencies, and tourism bureaus could all benefit from a website upgrade now and again.

NEXTFLY is also a Google Partner. This means we can help guide you through some Google offerings to help your business grow. We can help update your Google My Business page. Tracking leads, visitors, and conversions is easier with Google Analytics.  We’ll also help Index your new pages with Google Search Console. All of this and more can be beneficial for your website if you have an experienced web design company on your side.

NEXTFLY is happy to update your site so it looks good on different sized screens

Websites Should Be Redesigned Every 2 Years

North Cave Creek Rd is a popular area for businesses and restaurants to set up shop. If you’re competing with businesses in this area, checking out what your competitors are doing is essential to growing your business. Not only is it important to see if your wares are better than your competitors, but you should also check out their website too.

Websites should be redesigned every 2 years. This practice helps you keep up with current website best practices, attract new customers as well as old ones, and update the functionality of your website. If your competitors are selling items from their websites or offering online booking and your website doesn’t do that, you could be losing customers. This is especially important if your website does not translate well to smartphone screens. A new website can be optimized for mobile too!

NEXTFLY tries to finish new websites within 30-90 days. Depending on the functionality you desire, and how fast you can create content for your website, could slow down the process. But if you dedicate enough time and resources to make your website as attractive as your competition, we can work with you. Let us know your budget and your wish list of features and we’ll work with your budget to make a beautiful website together.

SEO and PPC Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising are additional tools that can help boost your website’s exposure to the public. If you’re a gift shop in Cave Creek, and someone is searching Google for “Gift Shop in Cave Creek” does your business pop up on the first page?

The first page of Google is prime real estate. If you can appear on the first page, you’ve got some eyes on your website. You can do this in two ways with either SEO, PPC advertising, or both.

“Gift Shop in Cave Creek” is a keyphrase. A Keyphrase or keywords are the terms that people search with on google. You want to come up with a list of keywords that match your business. “Homemade Art in Cave Creek” or “Authentic Cowboy Boots in Cave Creek” could also be good key phrases because they show what kind of wares you offer without clicking on your site.

SEO is when a Cave Creek Web Design Company like NEXTFLY, adds these keywords to the text on your website. Google sees this text and matches your keywords to people that are searching for what you offer. Your results appear organically on the Google search results page. As more people click on your link, the higher it will start to rank.

PPC advertising guarantees that you are the first result on the first page. We take your list of keywords and tell Google how much we want to spend per keyword. We set a budget for the day and you only pay for people that click on your ad. PPC advertising gives you more control over who you can target and your budget. PPC is a more effective way to get your name out there, but more expensive overall.

eCommerce & Content Creation

To keep traffic consistently coming to your website, you need to create consistent content to your website so new visitors can learn more about you, and old visitors will return to your site to see what’s new. There are two ways that we have found effective, eCommerce and content creation. These can be done simultaneously or individually, depending on your business.

If you’re a storefront or another consumer-facing website, having the right eCommerce solution is a no-brainer. It’s not enough to put up some items on your website and encourage visitors to “see more in store.” Even if you don’t display your whole inventory on your website, changing your items frequently attracts interest. NEXTFLY can help find the right eCommerce solution for your website, whether you sell lots of services and products, or very few.

Content creation is a great ongoing SEO tool that can help expand your list of keywords as well as share valuable information with potential customers. Creating additional pages or blogs for your website can really help boost traffic. Don’t know what to write about? NEXTFLY can help! As a Cave Creek Web Design Company, we can write pages or blogs for you to help build your site up and improve its performance.

Get Started on Your New Website with Help From NEXTFLY

Ready to rethink your website plans? Contact Cave Creek Web Design Company NEXTFLY to get started. Let’s talk more about your current website if you have one, and what you’d like your future site to look like. With our experienced team of web designers standing by, we are excited to watch your business grow. Contact us today to learn more.

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