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Are you a business owner in Scottsdale? How is your current website generating business for you? Let NEXTFLY show you how to turn your already good business into a suddenly great business!

NEXTFLY has over 15 years of experience in helping businesses increase their revenue by creating beautiful websites that encourage customers to choose you.

First Impressions are Important

Scottsdale is home to nearly 230,000 residents.  With the area of the nearby Phoenix valley, the total population of the area is over 4.3 million people.  Scottsdale itself is home to over 63,000 businesses.  How is your current website reaching these potential clients? How is your business standing out among your competitors? It is now estimated that 70% of all potential clients who would do business with you will now research your business online before buying.  How important is it for your business to look impressive?

Scottsdale Website Design Firm

Here at NEXTFLYwe have developed over 1,000 websites, all catering to business.  We specialize in making your website look clean, modern and easy to navigate.  We encourage visitors to your website to stay and do research on your company.  They will know that they are dealing with a professional business that is serious about their offerings.

With Web Design being one of the most crucial parts of a potential customers visit, your site has to be on-point, load fast, and deliver the message in just seconds. If you are missing on any of these, then you are compromising leads… Every single day! Work with our design professionals and get that turned around. We will go through and make sure that your message is being received, your website loads fast, is very usable, and has a call to action to capture more business immediately.

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Is your current website turning away business? Most business owners don’t realize that their old, not usable website is actually hurting their business. In many instances, not having website at all may be better than having a bad one. NEXTFLY can help your business succeed online by turning these visitors into contacts. Our proven methods of “call to action” will drive in referrals and phone calls and these leads will result in more sales for your business. As a premier Scottsdale Web Design company, we can help you get this and much more working in your favor, instead of against you like it may be doing now.

What is search engine optimization?  SEO is a skill that we have developed over the years to get our clients noticed.  NEXTFLY has the know-how to make your website noticed by every major search engine.  When people in Scottsdale are looking for a business like yours, we make sure that they find you before your competition.  We provide a free consultation and quote for these services.  Call us today for a no-obligation review of your current site.  We will email you a quote and the rest is up to you.  Whether you choose us as your web design company or not, you will have a clear understanding of what your next steps are to be successful online in the Scottsdale community.

What is mobile optimization?  Many websites today, especially older ones were never properly set up to be viewed by a mobile device or tablet.  The problem is that over 60% of local searches are now performed on a smartphone.  Not having a mobile optimized site will cause these visitors to leave your website immediately.  Nobody wants to pinch and zoom and try to click small links only to have to squint to read what the heck you are saying. NEXTFLY specializes in creating beautiful websites for the mobile viewer.  We will also offer your visitors a “1 click” call option.  They will not need to write down your phone number to call your business.  They can just click once and your phone will ring.  This is only one of many methods that NEXTFLY uses to promote traffic into your doors.

Web design isn’t all about just having a beautiful desktop version of your site. Google has recently changed their search algorithm to be more aligned with mobile web design optimized sites. If you are behind the curve, contact us right away. We can get your web design optimized within just a few days to a week.

How important is local search?  If you own a business, showing up on local search is extremely important.  Local search uses the location of the person using the search engine to show them options of what is near them. If your business isn’t showing up on the list for local people, you are missing out on a huge number of opportunities.  NEXTFLY Web Design can assist your business with this service as well.  We will make sure that you are recognized in the community as a resource for your goods and services.  Then we people are looking, you will be found! We offer website design services that will help build citations that will get searchers finding you in major directories, especially Google. Citations are the bread and butter to being found in Google local.

Give us a call today and we will detail out how we can help your business get to the next level. Our web design services will help build your business like never before.

Website Design Promotions

NEXTFLY will help you promote your goods and services online and we strategize with you to drive more sales into your doors.  We have over 10 years of experience and over 1,000 satisfied clients.  The Scottsdale market isn’t as dense our usual focus area of Phoenix.  This decrease in competition of businesses allows our tools of promotion to be even more effective.  If you own a business, we can get you found by more people very quickly. You will see a dramatic increase in sales after our efforts.  Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Scottsdale Digital Marketing

As a premier Web Design company in Scottsdale, we also offer digital marketing services. We can help you optimize your pay per click ads, mine the analytics, and usually provide cheaper, more effective ads that can get you ranking better. As you may have noticed, several months ago, Google changed their Internet marketing display and only have ads on the top and bottom of the organic search. They are no longer on the right side of the page. What does this mean? Well, if your ad is at the bottom 3 or 4, you’re even below the organic, which is really bad news. We can change that. Our proven techniques can get your ad moved up the list and be in the top 3-4 above local, and organic.

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The History of Scottsdale

Welcome to beautiful Scottsdale Arizona! 

Scottsdale is located in the eastern portion of Maricopa County and is considered one of the favorite areas on all of the Greater Phoenix Valley.  Scottsdale was established way back in 1894 and became an official city in 1951.

Scottsdale shares its eastern border with the Salt River Pima – Maricopa Indian tribal lands.  Having these communities close by has greatly added to the attractions around Scottsdale, most notably, several awesome casinos.  If casinos are your thing, I recommend the Talking Stick Resort and Casino.  It is by far the nicest casino in the Phoenix Valley.

The city itself is divided into four major areas.  North Scottsdale is the more affluent and wealthy portion of the city.  Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs call North Scottsdale home.  It is very well known for it’s high quality of living and a noticeably luxurious feel.  Old Town Scottsdale is the original downtown of what is now Old Scottsdale.  It is home to many great bars, restaurants and hotels.  Old Town is a historic district and is also home to many high quality art galleries.  South Scottsdale is more of the working class area of the town.  It still has a lot of charm.  Central Scottsdale is mostly comprised of older homes but is still a beautiful place to see and many of the homes in this area are still the envy of area.

Scottsdale is a great destination spot.  It is home to many beautiful resorts and the town plays host to big events year round.  The biggest of these events is the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  This golf tournament attracts more than 500,000 attendees over the 4-day event every year in late January.  In 2016 the Super Bowl was also hosted in the Phoenix Valley at the same time as the Open.  Every resort in Scottsdale and surrounding areas were packed.  These events attracted millions of fans and dollars to Scottsdale.   Golf isn’t the only professional sport hosted in Scottsdale every year.  The city is also home to some very enjoyable spring training baseball.   The San Francisco Giants call Scottsdale their home in the spring.  Games are played nearly every day throughout the month of March.  Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is located in close proximity to the Old Town area and is within walking distance of all the historic bars and restaurants.   It has been described my many as the nicest place on earth to watch a baseball game.

To the East of Scottsdale are the scenic McDowell Mountains.  Scottsdale created a nature preserve along their share of this beautiful mountain range.   The McDowell’s are a great place to go hiking and also provide a picturesque backdrop to the city of Scottsdale.

The weather in Scottsdale is easily described as being “arid”.  While the summers are extremely hot, the winters are remarkably mild.  The year round average temperature is 87.3.  This beautiful temperature and climate make Scottsdale a haven for people from the north.  If you want to get away from the winter cold, Scottsdale is the place to do it.

Hotel swimming pool, Scottsdale, Arizona

My family and I typically make it a point to visit Scottsdale at least 4-5 times a year for vacation or what has become locally known as “staycation”.  The resorts in Scottsdale are all set up with lavish pools and many have water parks with slides.  For us, this is a great opportunity to take the kids to the water park and cut them loose.  We enjoy fine dining and some of the most scenic views on earth.  The best part about having all of these resorts so close by is the summer rates.  While these resorts are packed during their busy season (winter), they have trouble filling up in the summer months.  This creates a great opportunity for locals like us to come to Scottsdale for a visit.  You can find amazing deals where the rooms are discounted down to 25% of their “in season” cost.  In fact, everything in Scottsdale is cheaper in the summer.  They must do this to stay competitive in the slow months.  You can play golf at any of their notable locations for just a fraction of the regular price.  There is one catch to vacationing in Scottsdale in the summer; you have to like it hot.

From its inception, to it’s population boom in the 1950’s, to what it has become today.  Scottsdale has always been an amazing destination point for families, fine diners, and sports lovers of all kinds.  It is a town with a very historic culture while at the same time it caters to lovers of the finer things.  For more information about what to do in Scottsdale, google it.  There is something going on here for everyone!

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