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Are you a business owner in Yuma Arizona? How does your website generate business for you?  If you answered “it doesn’t”, then NEXTFLY is here to help!

With a population of around 100,000 people, Yuma is one of the larger markets in our state. Yuma is a culturally rich area with a notable history.  We here at NEXTFLY focus on businesses in Yuma and helping them achieve greater sales and revenue.  We do this through beautiful web design and search engine optimization.  We can help your Yuma based business to get from “survive” to “thrive”!

Your Website Design, First Impressions.

wild-westYuma is home to around 10,500 individual businesses.  If you are a business owner in Yuma, we want to speak with you.  We provide a free 30 minute consultation via phone to examine your existing website (if you have one) and provide a strategy for you to turn it into a profitable venture.  We specialize in getting you noticed online in your local market of Yuma.  When people are looking for someone that does your work, we make sure YOU are the one who gets the call. We do this through a very specific search engine optimization process.  You will get noticed.  When people are searching, you will be found.

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One of the major concerns around web design is the cost. Most business owners know that they need a good website and good SEO work.  Their major concern is that they think they cannot afford it.  If this is a concern of yours, look no further than NEXTFLY.  After your 30-minute consultation via phone, we will email you a quote for our services and what it will take to accomplish your goals in Yuma. After that, you will know exactly what it will take to get your business to the next level.  If you have concerns around the budget, NEXTFLY will work with you on a payment plan.  We have many packages and options available.  After we find the right fit for you, we will work out payment terms that fit your company’s budget.

Our goal is to make you great! We have over 10 years of experience and well over 1,000 satisfied clients.  Our focus is you and how we can make your Yuma based business more profitable with a new website and SEO work.  Why do we care so much?  It is because we want to use your new site to show other clients.  Our work speaks for itself. Please feel free to view our portfolio.   We will brag about the work that we’ve done for you and show other clients in Yuma how we can help.  Your site will also be featured in our portfolio online. We have been doing this for a long time.  The best way to get new clients is to brag about the work that you’ve already done.

Should you settle for a free website? Many people see advertisements every day from companies offering you a free website.  Here are some very specific reasons that free websites aren’t free at all.  Most of these companies have just created software that allows you to build your own site. If you aren’t a web designer, chances are it won’t look great. You don’t own the site you get from them.  They require you to host your site with them for an inflated monthly fee.  You are just renting that ugly website, they will take it offline and leave you empty-handed if you decide to cancel your service.  All of your work is lost.  It is also nearly impossible for anyone to do good search engine optimization on one of those sites.  They will offer you another inflated monthly fee in order to get you noticed.  So what you end up with is a cheap, ugly website that no one can find.  It will serve as an online business card only.  Your Yuma based business will not see any results with this option. Many of our best clients are the ones who have already tried a “free” site.

The NEXTFLY difference – When you buy a website from NEXTFLY, it becomes your property; you will have it for years to come and are free to host it with whomever you like. It will be beautiful! Our design team offers premium websites at an affordable price. When people visit your website, they will know they are dealing with a professional organization. We can also do amazing SEO work. Our websites are built on WordPress. This platform represents close to 70% of sites that you now see online. It will be easily recognized by every major search engine and Yuma will know that you are number 1 in your search categories.

Our websites generate revenue for your business!

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