How to Convert the Pinterest Crowd into Loyal Customers

How to Convert the Pinterest Crowd into Loyal Customers

In the recent years, Phoenix web design companies have started to understand the importance of Pinterest for small businesses and brands. One of the top social media platforms in the world, Pinterest boasts a user base of 175 million users!

Can you imagine the kind of exposure that can give your brand? If you think Pinterest is beneficial only for the female demographic focused businesses, think again.

With 75 billion pins – and growing – Pinterest had created a strong niche for itself in the world of social media. It is an excellent platform to show off your skills or showcase your work; either you are a woman or a business owner. It also gives you a great opportunity to grow your brand organically.

Here are some tips for you to grow a loyal customer base on Pinterest with some easy steps.

Create a Business Account: Even if you are just an individual or a solo player and do not have a business set up just yet, you must create a business account. Why? Because only then you can be allowed to make money off your Pinterest account. Creating a business account is free and really easy, plus it also provides you access to the analytics.

Keywords: Now that you have a business account, you will need to create pins. While writing descriptions for each pin, make sure to use keywords and key-phrases that serve your business well. This will help people find your pins easily while they are searching the categories.

Double Check after Posting: You must have noticed that sometimes things look different after you have posted them on social media. To make sure you are posting things that you really want your customers to see, review the content before you post it and after you have posted it. Do the images look cluttered with text? Is that visual cue taking the attention away from your message?

Organization is important: Sometimes, people pin all kind of stuff all over their boards that doesn’t fit a pattern. To make sure your content is not cluttered, it’s important to follow an organized structure while pinning stuff on the boards. Here’s a tip: follow a particular theme or title while creating your boards.

People love Contests: Okay, so you need to understand that Pinterest is slightly different from other social media channels in that the users here are usually more passionate about the things they do.

You can basically tell your target user’s personality from her pins. And users like these are super enthusiastic about participating in contests. So stage some fun ones, because research shows free Pinterest contests can bring you horde of new fans.

Re-Pin: Social media is all about…being social, reaching out, spreading out, call it whatever you like. A really good move for you will be to follow your most active followers on Pinterest and re-pin their pins.

Paid Pins: There is a reason people shell out serious bucks on paid promotion: it works. You can increase the visibility of your authentic and high quality pins with the paid Pinterest promotion options. Just make sure that these pins direct the users to a great opt-in or a strong landing page.

Start a Group Board: There are group boards related to specific business niches that you will be wise to join. You can also start your own and invite others to join you; this is an excellent way to create engagement and boost organic traffic.

Grow Your Mailing List: The easiest way to do this is to create a great image for your landing page – especially for your email list – and then pin that with a direct link to that landing page.

Don’t Forget the Analytics: At the beginning, we mentioned that your Pinterest business account offers you free analytics reports. This is a great way to keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not in your marketing efforts. Is the paid promotion worth it? Are the customers clicking on the linked images? The key is to analyze your efforts, and compare every result.

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