How to Design an Effective Facebook Campaign

How to Design an Effective Facebook Campaign

Facebook averages 1.09 billion daily active users. This has made it a huge advertising platform that works for both B2B and B2C businesses. Still many Phoenix web design companies struggle with communicating with the online community from a marketing standpoint and shell out a lot of money with no viable returns.

As more and more advertisers are jumping onboard with Facebook advertising every day, it is getting tougher. It is important to keep up with the new available tools and tricks to stay on top of your game. Great design and laser-focused targeting are critical to the success of a Facebook Ad campaign.

Here are a few tips that will help you ace your Ad game.

Gather Audience Insights

Mining audience insights will help you adequately target your ad to make it an effective one. Facebook Ad manager helps you here with ‘Audience Insights’. There you can find demographics of people who are connected to your page.

You can find a variety of metrics here including age and gender distribution among your current page likes, lifestyle, relationship status, education level, etc. Based on these insights you can put together the target audience and create meaningful, directed ads.

Different Ads for Different People

Studying the audience insights will probably tell you that your viewers greatly vary from one another and turn to your brand for different reasons. So, using a blanket ad for all your customers doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Make maximum use of Facebook’s ability to target by creating different ads for different consumer bases. It is possible that you offer a number of products or services and many people will be interested in only one or a few of them. Research deep into who these people are, and what they are looking for, and offer them exactly what they want.

Focus on Sales

Clicks and social engagement are important aspects in digital marketing. In pursuit of getting more likes and shares, you might lose sight of what’s more important – profits.

It’s easy to get under the impression that your ad is working if you get a lot of clicks, however that might not always be the true picture of your ad campaign.

Unless your only goal is to get clicks, clicks alone don’t necessarily mean you have a high-performing ad on your hands. When that happens, you need to stop and examine where it’s going wrong. It could be your landing page that’s not working or maybe you have the wrong target audience. Scale what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

Test Multiple Designs

You may think you know your audience but it will a huge and costly mistake to assume you know all your consumer’s preferences and consumption patterns. Always test everything, including your ad’s design and its targeting.

It’s a good practice to come up with at least 4 different Facebook ads containing a mix of different copy text and images. This will help you reduce ad fatigue and steer clear of high ad frequency, both of which severely deter ad effectiveness.

There are many more tips and tricks to Facebook advertising, these pointers will help you get started. Set clear goals, experiment with audiences and get better results.

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