Dogs and Blogs

Dogs and Blogs

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have known the love of a loyal dog are considered to be the happiest people on earth.  We have a perspective on life that some people will never understand.

unnamed-1I never thought that I would have room in my heart for another dog. After we lost our boxer 2 years ago, I couldn’t imagine ever having another dog.  Time does help 1601296_10201495160087510_1488135608_nto heal wounds.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. –Al Tennyson

I grew up with these amazing animals.  I recall one of my older brothers always bringing home stray dogs.  Taking in a stray dog can always be unnerving at first but you will usually find that earning the trust of a stray and gaining it’s respect and companionship can be very rewarding.  Dogs cannot tell you what they have been through in life.  Often, their actions will give you a good idea of their past.  You can easily tell if they’ve had to fight for survival.  You can also see clearly if they are used to love an affection.  I wish I lived on a farm.

Every dog has personality.  The 2 dogs in my care at this point have completely contrasting character.  One is small and yappy, she is always eager to let us know the doorbell just rang or if she is hungry. Her name is Tinkerbell and she is an “all American dog” as I like to say.  We don’t really know what her breed is.  Homer, who is our Boxer/Mastiff puppy, is completely the opposite.  This guy just wants to be loved and fed.  That is all.  img_0082

We run a Phoenix Web Design business here at NEXTFLY.  Last week I asked my co-workers to send me some pictures of their dogs. Included in this blog are some cool pics of the NEXTFLY dog family.img_0084

Did you know that being a dog owner would help you live a longer and fuller life?  Below are some ways that these crazy canines complete us in ways we usually don’t realize.

slack-for-ios-uploadThey decrease our stress.  Sometimes having a puppy can be stressful at first as they adjust but the truth is that they all learn how to behave if you spend the time with them.  By loving your dog and petting it, you are not only decreasing the stress of the dog, you are reducing stress in your own life.

20161214_121016They give our lives more meaning.  Their companionship makes you happier than the average person.  You are far less likely to battle depression and therefore your general health is better.  Owning a dog means that you have to take care of it.  It depends on you for food, water and compassion.  This responsibility gives your life a deeper meaning.  You can always count on their love in return.  They are loyal till the end.

“Remember to have your pet spay or neutered.” – Bob Barker

slack-for-ios-upload-1They improve your social life.  As humans, we are all very social creatures. We crave social interactions with other humans.  Dogs do the same thing.  Taking your dog into social areas like the park will not only help to socialize them with other dogs, it can help you interact with other dog owners.  The same is true with kids.  I think that most of my close friends here in Arizona are parents of kids who are friends of my children.  Dogs and kids are great at breaking the ice!

15380536_10107327798325348_4195932365684920190_nThey can make your heart healthier.  Dog owners generally walk a lot. Having a dog forces you to be more active in life. They need the exercise and so do you! Getting out and walking daily will greatly reduce your risk for heart disease. Exercise is also a natural way to make us feel good in general. The energy of a puppy almost forces you to try and keep up! Dogs also tend to make us laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine!

15418310_10209329856060615_7027367365611486726_oI went through surgery on Monday of this week for a minor wrist fracture. When I got home, my dogs knew something wasn’t right. Homer, our normally hyper puppy, was being extremely gentle with me. Typically we like to roughhouse a bit when I get home.  He immediately knew that I wasn’t up for the task.  He kept smelling my bandage and placing a paw on my knee.

These magnificent animals are truly our best friends.  They understand us just as well as we understand them.  Being a dog owner doesn’t mean just “another thing to take care of.”  The truth is that they are taking care of us too.

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