Excessive Heat Warning in Phoenix Arizona

Excessive Heat Warning in Phoenix Arizona

As a Phoenix resident I know what to expect every summer. Extreme heat. Thank God for air conditioning! In fact, most of Phoenix wasn’t inhabited at all until the early 1960’s. The heat was unbearable until the birth of the modern air conditioner. At least the popular home models that we have now. Before that the only place that had AC was the movie theater. I love the summer but the heat does get on your nerves at times.   One of our main focuses when searching for houses here was getting one with a pool. I recall our realtor saying that no one ever really uses there pools here. That woman was insane! We have 2 young kids and we are in there nearly every day this time of year.

Sadly, we learned yesterday that 4 different people died here in Phoenix over the weekend due to the heat. These people all seemed to be doing some pretty strenuous activity outdoors when the fell prey to the heat. One man was biking and several others were hiking in the desert. These types of activities should be avoided completely during the summer months unless you get up early in the morning.

I have put together a good list to follow to beat the heat in summer here in Phoenix. These are just a few tricks that I’ve learned to make sure you can still get out and enjoy the things you love to do outdoors.

Get up early – Today is Tuesday June 21, 2016. While the temperature may hit up to 117 degrees as we’ve seen this week, the overnight low is 84, which is manageable. Right now it is 7:22 AM and the temperature outside is 92.   You can get up and go for a walk or jog at these temps. Despite the popular saying, it is a dry heat. Although the monsoon season is upon us so there is or at least will be some humidity to speak of. Getting up early to get your daily exercise is key. You can still go to the gym later but plan on being in-doors after 9am or so.

Stay in the shade – If you have to be out, try to find shade anywhere you can. The temperature out of the sun is much more tolerable. Park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible and put up a sunshade in your window.

For Golfers – If you go golfing, park your golf cart in the shaded area even if it means walking a few extra feet to the tee or green. Take plenty of water with you. Most courses have a water station every four holes. Take your hat off and soak it in cold water. That little trick will keep you nice and cool for at least 20 minutes at a time. Don’t drink a bunch of beer. I know that may be tough, you can have one or two but trust me they don’t sit well. Wear sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen after 9 holes.   Wear a cold towel around your head and neck. Keep it under 110, score and temperature.

Wear Sunscreen – I recently had to have a few spots removed at the dermatologist due to over exposure to the sun. He recommended wearing 50 SPF or above. I make sure my whole family along with myself wears it every time.

Stay inside – Most Phoenix residents are all too familiar with this option. I think many of us grew up somewhere else and probably stayed in-doors during the winter months. Summer in Phoenix can be similar to a winter elsewhere when you consider the in-doors time. Although I have to say that summer is our worst season and I still get to golf and swim. Summer in Phoenix is a good time to get caught up on your Netflix marathons. Also not a bad time to write blogs.

Get your AC tuned up – Due to the dust, sand and extreme use Air Conditioning units tend to have relatively short lives in Phoenix compared to most places. Preventative maintenance is key. It doesn’t hurt to know an AC guy who you can trust to come out each spring and tune up your system. The last thing you want is for that unit to stop working in the middle of summer. The extra money you spend will go a long way.

Using a little common sense, surviving the summer in Phoenix is easy.  And always remember SPF 50 or above.

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