Featured Client – H2O Concepts

Featured Client – H2O Concepts

This week’s featured client is Sherri Peak, the owner of H2O Concepts in Phoenix Arizona.

H2O Concepts is Arizona’s whole home water filtration provider.  H2O uses their trademarked technology, AMP Force, to deliver proven water filtration with energy that addresses all of your home’s hard water issues.  For many years they have been a proven leader in providing great tasting water that comes directly from your faucet.  The new water system they provide is contaminant free and is much healthier for your family’s skin and hair.

NEXTFLY has had the privilege of having H2O as a client for over 3 years now.  We re-designed their new website and support them on a monthly basis with their online web presence and marketing.  H2O is currently on a retainer with us which provides them with monthly content published to their new site for SEO purposes.  We also support them with Pay Per Click marketing directly with Google.  These efforts have proven to be an amazing catalyst for the sales team at H2O.  I had the benefit of sitting down with Sherri recently to talk about their overall experience with us and how their new web presence has changed their business.

Here are a few questions that I proposed to Sherri along with her responses –

“How did you get into the whole home water filtration business?”

“We established H2O back in 1991 and incorporated back in 2000.  We had a vision of providing residential homeowners and businesses with the best water conditioning and treatment systems.  In 1996, we discovered a technology developed in Germany a decade earlier.  That new technology would be called AMP Force by H2O Concepts.  We combined the AMP Force technology and our existing water treatment media mixture to create our new system.  Our environmentally friendly system now provides the highest quality water conditioning and is the most green-certified system on the market.”

“What were your average amount of leads, in previous years, that came through the website?”

“We were previously averaging about 12 new leads per week.  Most of that was generated through our television ads and people would find us online occasionally.”

“What is your average amount of leads now coming through the site?”

We are now averaging over 45 new leads per month through the website.  Potential clients can easily find us online and we rank well on all the major search engines.

“What is your lead to sale average?”

“We provide in-home consultations and water testing.  Our employees are now wearing masks when they visit your home and they practice social distancing as well.  When we are called to come out to a residence, our lead to sale ratio is 95%”.

“How has this benefitted you from a revenue standpoint?”

“Needless to say the marketing efforts from NEXTFLY have been outstanding and have proven to be a major upgrade to our business.  I won’t get into specifics on that but our revenues have gone up quite considerably.”

“How has your experience been in dealing with the team at NEXTFLY?”

We are extremely pleased with the support we’ve received from NEXTFLY.  They are very responsive to our requests and provide us with excellent work around our web design and marketing needs.”

“Would you recommend us to other local businesses that want to increase their sales?”

“I would gladly recommend them and have even allowed them to use H2O as a reference if they ever need it.”

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We here at NEXTFLY would like to thank Sherri and the entire team at H2O for being such an amazing client of ours!  They are a true example of what innovation, hard work, and dedication can do for any business.  They realize that they see great returns on their marketing efforts online and through their tv segments.  We look forward to continuing our support for H2O and we appreciate having them as our valued client!

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