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The recent 2020 census found that Fountain Hills is the 8th fastest growing town in Arizona. New people are relocating to Fountain Hills every day! With new townspeople and visitors coming all the time, how do they choose which businesses to visit and restaurants to try? By using the internet and finding “things to do in fountain hills.” If your website doesn’t show up in that search, then it’s time you hire a Fountain Hills Web Design Company like NEXTFLY.

NEXTFLY has over 17 years of experience helping out small businesses, large businesses, B2B businesses, and eCommerce businesses make a big splash on the web with visually appealing websites created in a short period of time. We help all kinds. From doctor’s offices to special events, and even local artisans to create a modern website that also looks great on phones and tablets. If you’re ready for a new website, contact NEXTFLY today for a free quote.

How To Tell I Need To Hire A Fountain Hills Web Design Company

The signs are there, even if they’re not obvious to you. Show your website to your friends and family and have them give you feedback on your site. They’ll have a lot of ideas for how your site could be improved. Check out your competition too. If their website has functions that your site doesn’t, NEXTFLY can add those functions to your website too!

The biggest red flag that you need a new website is that your site doesn’t load very fast. Slow websites deter customers and can lower your Google rankings. Google tests your website speeds and if they are slow, your rankings will suffer. Here are some other signs it’s time to hire a Fountain Hills Web Design Company.

It’s Been 2 Years Since Your Last Website Update

NEXTFLY encourages our clients to update their website every 2 years. Why? A lot can change in 2 years. Make sure it’s compliant with new regulations, clean up any unnecessary code and plug-ins, and changes with best practices to meet design preferences. A new site can drive new attention to your website, especially if you promote it on social media.

Your Website Does Not Look Good On Phones

In 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8% of traffic on the internet globally. More people are browsing the internet on their phones these days, and if your site doesn’t translate well to the small screen, NEXTFLY can help.

With our web-building tools, translating your website to your phone can be done easily and quickly. We won’t publish your site until you’re satisfied with how it looks on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

You’ve Added Services and Products That Aren’t Featured On Your Site

A lot of things can change in 2 years. Maybe you have new products that you didn’t have 2 years ago. But you have a bigger problem. It’s not that you don’t want to add these services to your site, you can’t. Maybe your marketing person left and no one has the password to the website anymore, or maybe your site runs so slow it takes forever to do anything. These are common problems with older sites.

Don’t think anything has changed? Check out your competition’s website. Are they providing services that you could easily do? Stay competitive by offering the same services. Website visitors also like to see fresh content. NEXTFLY can help you create an easy-to-use eCommerce site to track the sales of your products and services.  So if you’re only showcasing the same products after 2 years, then your regular visitors know nothing has changed, and they don’t need to revisit. Refreshing your site attracts new visitors as well as old ones to return.

You Wish Your Website Could Do More

Wouldn’t it be nice for clients to book appointments online? Don’t you wish you had a map on your website that showed all of your locations? Or maybe an events calendar would be cool so visitors know what’s happening when? All of these things are definitely possible to be added to your new website.

Some of these capabilities can be easily created with plug-ins. Sometimes plug-ins come with a price, but for the most part, they’ve been tested by lots of other websites, and the company who built it will offer support. Fountain Hills Web Design Company NEXTFLY can also make custom web tools and develop your site just as you see it in your head. Sometimes this can slow down your website completion time and can change the cost. But if you want something done right the first time, you’re in good hands with NEXTFLY building your website.

You Want More Traffic To Your Website

Maybe you built a new website recently, but you’re just not getting the traffic you were hoping for. NEXTFLY offers many digital marketing solutions that can help get your website the attention it deserves.

When people search “things to do in fountain hills,” and your website doesn’t pop up in the search results, then you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is an organic way to tell Google what your business is all about. When a visitor performs a Google search, Google matches the visitor’s keywords to the keywords it sees from your website. If you have a variety of keywords, you could appear in many search results.

SEO does take some time to take effect, but if you want to be the number one spot on the first page of Google right away, you can pay for it. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is when you pay for clicks to your website. This service is run through Google. It allows you to be flexible with your budget and only pay for the results. It is an effective way to advertise your website, but it does come with a price.

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