How Blogging Improves Your SEO

How Blogging Improves Your SEO

Blogging expands your website content and improves your SEORemember when blogs were all the rage? Everyone you knew had a blog. Now with social media, more people are sharing updates in short tweets rather than maintaining a blog. You probably enjoy this more. It’s easier to keep up-to-date with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook rather than reading a bunch of blogs every week. But if you have a business website, Blogging Improves Your SEO, and blogging regularly is essential.

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How Can Blogging Improve Your SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s an arbitrary score that Google uses to decide if your website is relevant to the person searching for your goods or services. Google scans every website to learn about it. The more content on your website, the more Google knows about your site.

You might be thinking “anything anyone needs to know about my business is on my site. Isn’t that enough?” Google not only likes to see relevant information but new and frequently updated information. Blogging Improves Your SEO because it’s an easy way to add new content rather than changing your site regularly. If Google sees that your site has new updates that address information your customers are looking for, then your site will show up to more people looking for your services.

Will Anyone Even Read My Blog?

Blogging Improves Your SEO

If you’re a business owner and you’re writing a blog, your goal is to have more potential customers find you. Unless you’re trying to become a professional writer for a magazine blog, what you write about doesn’t need to be breaking news or starting the latest trend. Your goal should be to write about topics that pertain to your industry and feature your products or services.

Another way Blogging Improves Your SEO is that the more pages you have on your website, the better your score will be. So don’t feel pressure to write an eye-catching blog, just the act of sitting down and writing one blog post at a regular pace will make a big difference in your SEO.

Here’s an example of when writing a blog can help. Let’s say you’re a catering company, and cater many events, but you want to cater more weddings. You may have a services page about weddings, but you can increase the likelihood of showing up on the front page of Google if you have blog posts about weddings you’ve catered in the past, typical wedding menus, and things you should ask your wedding caterer. Make sure when you write these blogs, you put a link to your wedding services page.

Someone googling “wedding caterers” might not find your services page, but they might see your blog about a wedding you catered to and can click the link that takes them to your wedding services page. Your blog needs to drive customers to the pages you want them to find. Sometimes a good blog post is what gets your foot in the door.

What Should I Write Blogs About?

A lot of people feel stumped when it comes to blog writing because they don’t know what to write about. Writing about what you know is the easiest way to get started. Don’t worry if you feel that the blog isn’t particularly ground-breaking or repeats topics. When it comes to Blogging Improves Your SEO any blog is better than no blog at all.

Blogging is easier than you think - just write what you know. You Got This!

If you have a frequently asked questions page on your website, write a blog about each of those questions. A blog will give you space to expand upon your answers and provide more context about your policies. Some other blog topics include:

  • Highlighting your staff
  • Recapping recent projects or assignments
  • Reacting to a news article that pertains to your industry
  • A day in the life of someone in your career field
  • Showcasing new services or products
  • Focusing on the process of your services

Also remember, you can get help writing your blog from staff members or other experts in your industry. Guest writers are a big help when coming up with new topics or just creating consistent content.

Nextfly Can Help With Your Blog And SEO

If you’re running your own business and you’re too swamped with your own day-to-day, let alone time to write a blog, Nextfly can help! We know how Blogging Improves Your SEO and we’re able to write for you. Once we learn about your business we can create blog topics and write blogs in such a way that people will be flocking to your website. Contact Nextfly today to learn more.


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