How to Come Up With Best SEO Blog Post Ideas

How to Come Up With Best SEO Blog Post Ideas

When you decide to create a new blog, the most common advice is to choose a niche that you can talk about all day long. At NEXTFLY, we wouldn’t be wrong to admit that you need constant creative inspiration – in addition to passion – to come up with fresh topics every week.

Whether you’ve hit a writer’s block, or want to renew your passion to write, here are some easy ways to come with new topics for your blog posts.

Experience your niche

The best way to describe something you’re passionate about is through experience. Immerse yourself in the topic or niche, whatever it may be – photography, knitting, cooking, trekking, etc. When you are truly excited about something and spend some time practicing it, topics will come to you naturally. Also, your writing and point of view will be fresh and authentic which is crucial to attracting the audience instantly.

Read other’s experiences

There is no better way to come up with new ideas than reading about what others are going through. As a blogger, you can’t really set the trends until you know exactly what others in your industry are doing. Pick up the latest books and publications authored by researchers, experts, and writers in your industry. There’s a good chance that you will discover something new. And even if you don’t, turn it into a review blog post to share what you read.

Take a break

Sometimes you are just burned out and need to take a step back from everything. Go to a weekend solo trip to ‘recharge’ and ‘detoxify’ your mind. Once you’re well-rested and stress-free, you will find that new ideas are coming through almost magically.

It doesn’t have to be new

There is a good chance that you have a great deal of knowledge and experience on a certain topic. On days when you’re feeling ‘slow’, instead of writing about something new, write an educational and detailed post on something you might have touched on briefly in the past. Take one thing that you know really well, and share that wisdom with your audience.

Conduct live discussions

wed development in actionA lot of bloggers engage in live discussion threads with their fans and audience every once in a while. Reddit is extremely popular for this, but you can also choose any social media channel depending on your audience. Engage in thoughtful conversations and answer the questions posed by the audience. This is an excellent way to connect with your audience and attract new fans.

Ask your readers

Keep in touch with your readers and let them know that their suggestions are welcome. Ask them what they would like to read about next, and you will be bombarded with new ideas almost right away. Your audience always appreciates it when you acknowledge their thoughts and advice.

Check out the latest

Do you know why review sites are so popular? Because nowadays people love to check out the product ratings and other buyers’ reviews before buying. Keep an eye on the latest product launches in your niche and write a ‘review’ post. You can even create a video demonstration of the product.




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