How to Idiot-Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy?

How to Idiot-Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A lot of website design agencies are beginning to notice the importance of a good content marketing strategy. People in the online marketing field have been raving about the perks of a well-thought out content marketing plan, and its only now that they are being paid attention.

But doing something and succeeding in it are two different things.

Did you know that only 6% of the online decision makers feel confident about their ability to successfully execute the content marketing practices? This was revealed by a recent UK-based survey.

While that survey is citing only UK-based online businesses, it is still an important statistic to think through.

So, why do people have such low confidence in their own content marketing blueprints? Is it the fear of competition? Or lack of good content writers?

This Phoenix web design agency loves nothing more than solving puzzles! Let’s take a look at the various reasons that contribute to the failure of a strategy;

Lack of a Clear Written Plan – That’s right. No matter what strategy it is – content marketing strategy, business strategy, or how-to-ace-an-exam strategy – a written plan gives you a solid vision. It gives you clarity. It tells you which step to execute next.

Numerous researched have shown that writing down the plan of action before taking that action improves the probability of succeeding. When you sit down and take time to write a plan, most often than not, you learn more about your business (e.g. potential pitfalls, competition, etc.)

This written plan guides you to the next step while keeping you accountable. All in all, there are a lot of benefits of putting your plan on paper first before you go executing it.

Consistency is the Key – We know, we know! You have heard this a thousand times before but that’s because it’s just so true!

There are 2 kinds of people – one who never write down their plans, and one who write down their plans, stick to it for a week and then give up!

You have to be able to consistently follow through the written steps day by day and week by week. How else are you expecting to plan and execute a strategy that brings in insane profits? Don’t let this be the case of your New Year’s resolution…you know what are we talking about.

It all boils down to…

The reason your content marketing strategy is failing is probably because either you don’t have a solid written plan of action to follow or you are not consistent with content production. This is the simplest and, from what we have observed, the most accurate reason.

As already explained, there are lot benefits of writing down a step-by-step plan. Yet many businesses don’t do so and blame the lack of time. And churn out a few blog posts here and there that are not consistent at all. How do they expect to engage with the audience?

Other than having a written plan and consistent content production, you also need to make sure that the content is appealing. It should be meaningful and useful to the reader.

So, in a nutshell, if your content marketing strategy has failed to produce any successful so far, you need to;

  • Make a content strategy and write it down (you can use those cute little color pens and sharpies);
  • Create and post content consistently (e.g. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Make your blog posts unique, informational, and valuable (hire a good content writer!)

All it takes is a little time and work; a lot like other aspects of your business. Follow these tips and let us know how that written plan is coming along!

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