Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Nearly 50% of all searches online are now conducted via mobile device. When your website is viewed from a tablet or smartphone, what does it look like? Having a clean view that is concise and easy to navigate is imperative. If your viewers have to pinch and zoom and try to click small links, be ready for them to bounce!

We run a web design firm here in Phoenix. It still amazes me daily when I research companies online and find that Google doesn’t recognize their website as “mobile friendly”.

Most companies do not realize the impact that this is having on their business. Most websites in general have a high “bounce rate”. Google defines a bounce rate as being a single page visit without the visitor interacting with the page whatsoever and then leaving the page. A 26%-40% bounce rate is considered excellent. This means that your site was able to encourage 60%-74% of its viewers to click around and view more content on your site. Unfortunately, the bulk of websites out there have a bounce rate of 41%-55% and an extraordinary amount of sites have a bounce rate of 55% or higher.

Think of all the potential clients who may be visiting your website on a monthly basis. Capturing the attention of an additional 30% of your traffic and encouraging them to read more about your company could have an amazing impact on your business. Knowing that 50% of the views of your page are conducted via mobile means that if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you are losing potential clients every day.

Do a simple test. Look at your website from your smartphone. Is it easy to read? Do you have to pinch the screen to zoom in so that you are able to read the content? Are you easily able to reach the links that a client might want to click? Does it fit well on the screen? If you answered “no” to any of these, more than likely your site is not optimized for mobile viewing. Unfortunately for you, Google also knows that and is probably penalizing you in the search rankings because of it.

Google is moving ahead and making mobile users a priority. They have seen searches grow via mobile year over year and know that this number will only increase exponentially. They have also begun penalizing sites that are not listed as “mobile friendly”. Your company may be losing potential clients by being penalized in search rankings. Not only are clients leaving your site because it’s hard to read, they are having more trouble finding you in the first place. In addition, other businesses in your industry that have a mobile friendly site will get ranked ahead of you.

A clean mobile view should be concise. It should offer the viewer a consolidated and easy to read version of your home page. Inputting their data in order to contact you should be incredibly simple and easy to perform from their mobile device. There should also be a “one click” call option so that the viewer can click the call button and it will dial directly into your offices. Ever had to search for a pen and write down a number that you found while searching a company from your phone? Or repeat the number aloud to the people next to you so they can help you remember as you scramble for the dialer? It is a huge pain in the ass. Give your potential clients the ability to reach out to you via mobile with the greatest of ease.

Having a mobile optimized site means that your site was created with a responsive design. A responsive design is one that recognizes that it is being viewed by a mobile device and delivers a user-friendly format to the viewer.

Our Phoenix based web design company does mobile conversions for clients every week, at a very nominal fee I might add. I would encourage you to give us a call for a free consultation. We have clients nationwide and can have your mobile friendly site up and running in just a few weeks.

NEXTFLY Web Design has been in business for over 10 years, we have over 1,000 very satisfied clients. Performing a mobile conversion is something that we have perfected. Our design staff will work with you to create an experience for your visitors that will make it hard for them to bounce.

If you would like to get a quote for making your website a responsive design for mobile friendly viewing, please email me at [email protected]. I will be happy to provide you a quote via email.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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