Language of Learning

Language of Learning

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task at first. I remember my first year of Spanish in high school and feeling so overwhelmed, I mean, I had no idea how to conjugate a verb or what a past participle was. I knew a few of the bad words but that wasn’t going to help me out at all. Jump forward a year and there’s little ole me feeling much more confident on past, present and future participles and even no longer being scared of the 6 thousand different ways to conjugate a single verb. For a lot of folks this is how learning about technology feels. It really is its own language and if you don’t know the lingo you can feel outta sorts.

Starting as a project manager for a web design company was a little bit of a brain overload at first, but just like in my high school Spanish class, I am getting more comfortable and confident and now saying things like “hey Tom, let’s sit down and go over some of our data from Google Analytics and maybe look at how your PPC ads are producing, and maybe even take a look at how a retargeting/pixel campaign could help these numbers”. Now see, that could have easily been “yo tengo uno mas burro con queso por favor” to someone on the outside.  I know it’s not the greatest Spanish sentence, but its near lunch and you can see where my mind is.

Not that long ago I had no idea what SEO even was or how huge of an impact it made on just a simple search on Google. I had no idea that there was search engine ranking positions and that so much more went into where you appeared on the results page than that just merely having a website for your company. I figured if you have a decent website and are in the area where the search was made, then you’d automatically pop up on the map. Turns out, I was way wrong and there so many factors that go into search results for both local and organic positions. I was pretty amazed, to say the least. It is like its own living organism that needs to be taken care of. It’s actually pretty fascinating stuff!

Turns out there is a large amount of companies who take the time and money to have a beautiful website built for them and then don’t understand why they are not showing up anywhere near the top of the search pages. There seems to be a general lack of understanding of how important SEO is to a business’ overall bottom line. When was the last time you searched for a ‘mechanic near me’ and looked on page 2 or 3? Probably never? If you even make it past the map portion you likely picked one of the first 3 to 5 listed, right? What your business wants and needs to jump to that next level is to be up at the top and preferably number one!

There are a tremendous amount of factors that go into the formula of being on the top. There is your content creation and keeping it regularly updated, keyword density, social media accounts, page rank, and so much more. The social media aspect can be a really big help and commonly underused asset as well. You probably have all these accounts setup, why not use them to help your business out?

The Internet is ever-changing, and with that, it is very important to keep up the latest and greatest ways to keep your business on top of its overall SEO and marketing strategies. Hop on over and take a look at our Phoenix SEO and see what you think. We would love to chat about how we can help you with your SEO strategy, marketing campaigns, or lack thereof. We can work out a plan to get you to the top! Gracias por pasar (thanks for stopping by)!

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