Commercial Trade Source

Client: Commercial Trade Source

Project Type: Enterprise

Industry: Recruiting / Staffing

Location(s): Indianapolis, Indiana

Market Locations: Nationwide

About the Project:

Commercial Trade Source wanted a website redesign that was more up-to-date and current in their field of work. They wanted to showcase what services and trades they offer on their homepage. Their goal is to make it easier for craftsmen and contractors to be able to find employment easier. The large banner directs people to specific areas on their site that are of importance. They also wanted a site that was crisp and easy to navigate for the user. In this day and age, they knew that mobile optimization was also important. When people are searching for job candidates or employment, they want to be able to do so at their convenience. With a mobile-friendly website, anyone can view their site on the go.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Viewing your website on the go is a must in this technology-based world, therefore Commercial Trade Source wanted a new website design with this functionality. They know if their site did not have the capabilities to be shown on all devices, they risk losing potential clients. A mobile-friendly site will be formatted for all devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

To find more information about our responsive design services click here.

Content Management System

We knew that Commercial Trade Source does not understand all the details of the coding process, but they did want to be able to keep their site updated with new content. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, Commercial Trade Source can update any of their content whenever they have any edits to job listings, images, services, etc. This not only allows them control of their site, but they have the flexibility to edit any information at all times.

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