Cruise Indy

Client: Cruise Indy

Project Type: Small Business

Industry: Fundraiser

Location(s): Carmel, Indiana

About the Project:

Cruise Indy is a new client that needed a new website to show their clients. They wanted new clients to register for the event on their website and they also have a silent auction aspect to their website to help with a fundraising event. Cruise Indy is very passionate about cars and helping their community and the website we were able to provide helps them achieve their goals.

Site Features:

  • Template Design
  • Elementor
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Takes Payment

Responsive Design

Since more and more people are on their phones these days, it is very important to have a website that is mobile responsive. A mobile responsive site is a website that will adapt its size and functionality to phones, tablets, or laptops. Cruise Indy wanted a mobile responsive site since most of their clients are going to be registering for the event or looking at the silent auction from their phones. Their mobile responsive site will allow anyone to easily work their site from any device!

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