A strong network in Phoenix

A strong network in Phoenix

The title of this article may lead you to believe that I’m writing about which cell phone provider you may want to choose to have the best service in Phoenix.  While I do know that there are many spots in the mountains and desert here where cell phones don’t work well, the network I’m referring to is your business network. 

As a member of Business Networking International I have had the opportunity to meet each week with up to 20 business owners here in the Phoenix Valley.  We meet each Wednesday and discuss new opportunities and pass referrals to each other.  Having a strong network of trusted partners is huge.  I am not only able to take advantage of their services when I am in need but I am also able to help others around me by using my business network. 

Recently my mom needed a plumber to come to her house to add in a regulator for her water pressure.  She asked me if I knew anyone who could take care of it.  I did.  Helping your friends and family with their needs is always a great way to utilize your network but beyond that there is an even bigger reason to have a strong business network here in Phoenix.

Here in Phoenix, week after week, I speak with business owners about their web design needs.  I run a web design business in the Phoenix area.  Very often I am dealing with entrepreneurs who are launching a new venture and are working their way through the process.  Every situation is unique and I do my best to gather a strong understanding of their business model along with their goals.  Knowing every detail about their business is very important to me.  With the knowledge that I gather I can often help them brainstorm on new ideas to promote their products and services.  After all, a website should not just be an informative landing page but a catalyst for your business to grow.  An appealing website and strong search engine optimization can often be the difference in whether or not a company succeeds or fails.  So, it is of the utmost importance to me that I gather every detail.

Very often during my talks with clients about their business needs I am able to uncover an even greater need.  For instance, recently I spoke with a client who is launching a new venture in vitamin supplement products.  His LLC is well underway and soon he plans to have a website built by us to promote the products online.  He will also need to be setting up a merchant services account in order to process credit card payments.  While the website we are building for him will be able to process payments, a merchant account will work on the back end to put the money in his bank account.  Well, it just so happens that I know someone who can help him establish a merchant account at a very affordable rate. 

By utilizing my business network in the Phoenix area, I am able to add even more value to my own services.  I am a trusted consultant that has only the best intentions for my clients.  By offering help like this to your existing clients, you bring more value to the table than just your product.  You are a trusted advisor who knows how to make things happen by utilizing your strong network of trusted professionals.  I know that when I refer this client over to my network there is a high level of accountability.  My client will receive the red carpet treatment.  He will be treated fairly and honestly with nothing left to chance. 

Years ago I did work in the cell phone industry.  I was always speaking for the network of my business.  In that job I was able to build a strong relationship with software vendors who did app development.  They would refer their new clients to me and in return I would give them the “red carpet” treatment along with some very exclusive rates.  My business flourished and took me to the top of every sales category in my region. 

Having a strong network in Phoenix is not just a good idea.  It is essential for your success.  I would encourage you no matter what industry you work in to look for a “power partner”.  This is someone who has the same clients that you do but in a different capacity.  Working together with a power partner will not only drive more business for the both of you but it will also add more value to your own services. 

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