Turning On The Sales Faucet

Turning On The Sales Faucet

How is your business currently generating sales and attracting new clients?

There are many methods currently in use to attract new clients to your business.  Let’s go through some of these methods, analyze the good, the bad and focus on the effective.   Employing some effective strategy can take your business from good to great!

Prospecting –

A sales team of highly motivated individuals can be a force to be reckoned with.  It is true what they say, “people buy from people that they like”.  When you have a strong sales team, their outreach can create opportunities where none existed before.  Keeping sales people motivated can always be a challenge but when done properly, there is no substitute for a strong group of sales people.

Networking –

Depending on your business, attending network functions can be a great way to uncover new opportunities.  Networking is really just surrounding yourself with clients or other business owners, letting them know exactly what your specialties are and creating confidence with your brand or product.  While networking events can be fun, they are often very time consuming.  Many networking events require a long-term commitment and fees as well.  When searching for the right networking group, be sure to surround yourself with other business owners with similar interests to your own.  A good example of this would be a real estate agent.  To close a real estate deal, you need a finance specialist, a property appraiser, a home inspector, a title company etc.  Joining a group where your company can work along side other business with a mutual interest is the key for your investment to pay off.  Be very selective about the networking group you decide to join.

Marketing –

An effective ad campaign can work wonders for your business.  Our Phoenix Web Design business uses Google ad words very often to spark interest and generate new business.  While there are many forms of marketing available, Ad words is now leading the way.  Since Google has a “pay per click” model, you only pay when someone sees your ad and shows interest enough to click on it.  Our web design company customizes these ads for our clients on a weekly basis.  A strong ad will increase your conversion rate and turn prospective clients into actual clients.  Nearly 75% of the people who do business with you will first do online research.  A strong Ad Words campaign can ensure that they find you before they find your competition.

Remarketing –

This method can work hand in hand with your Ad Words campaign.  Using Google and Facebook ads, you can now remarket to anyone who has previously visited your website.  This is also a PPC expense.  Remarketing will keep your brand at “top of mind” to any prospective client that has previously showed an interest in your business.  Our Phoenix Web Design company builds and customizes these remarketing campaigns for our clients.

Referrals –

This has and always will be the best way to generate new business.  A strong referral from a previous client creates immediate trust with your new prospective client.  I personally ask my personal network of friends who they’ve used for specific jobs that I need help with.  There are 2 principals that your business needs to follow in order to get referrals.  1) Be referable.  This may seem obvious but the key is making sure that every client you sell or provide service to is extremely happy with the product you delivered.  If you go over and above their expectations, they will have no problem telling their friends and family about their experience.  Not doing this can have the exact opposite effect.  Often when people have a bad experience, they don’t hesitate to post a negative review about it.  Be sure to follow up with your clients, ask them about their experience.  If there are issues then fix them.  2) Ask for referrals.  Again, this may seem obvious but it is a step that is constantly skipped or overlooked.  Simply asking for referrals will often spark the memories of your clients who may have friends that need your services.  If they’ve had a great experience, they should have no problem giving you some others you can help.

Search Engine Optimization –

SEO is one of the most powerful ways to turn on the sales faucet.  While Ads still work, many people have learned to look right past them.  Having your beautiful website sitting at the top of the search results will guarantee your business getting phone calls on a weekly basis from prospective clients.  Our Phoenix SEO company can help your business get to that next level, believe me it’s a game changer.  An effective SEO strategy and some time to grow is a strong way to future proof your business and establish your company as one of the best!

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