Ugly Websites Can Still Make You a Killing

Ugly Websites Can Still Make You a Killing

What do you think of Wikipedia’s site design? Far from beautiful, some might even call it ugly. But Wikipedia is also one of the world’s leading websites.

When you are in the website design Phoenix industry, you start to gain some valuable insights. If you think your website is ugly and it needs a major make-over, let us save you some trouble.

Now we love a visually stunning site design just as much as the next guy. We pour thousands of dollars into conversion-focused design on our websites. We create websites that are effective, functional, and visually appealing.

However, here’s what we suggest: don’t try to fix something that’s not broken. Your mediocre-looking, ugly website is totally okay. But how to determine if that ugly design is okay? Here are some signs that can help you gauge if your unseemly site design really needs a re-designing effort.

Your existing design doesn’t distract: Let’s walk back to the Wikipedia example. Their site design might seem tragic but it is also distraction-free. Since the focus of their website is on content, their plain layout actually helps the users read the information with few distractions.

If your current site design is good at keeping the users’ focus on exactly what you need them to focus on, you’re good. Trying to re-design your website can introduce the element of distraction because users always feel jarred by the new colors and layout. No matter how good and improved the new design seems to be, it can create a friction in UX.

Your current site design is highly functional: If we had a penny for every time we saw website designers confuse good user experience with cutting edge, stylish site design…Let’s just say we’d be sipping Piña coladas in Bahamas right now.

User experience is measured by the ease with which users navigate a website. This ‘ease’ doesn’t come from the stunning visuals, but from the functional and thoughtful aesthetic. Is your website successfully directing the users to take the action and getting good results? If yes, you’ve got good UX. Don’t temper with it; appreciate it and let it be.

Your User doesn’t even care: Are you currently experiencing zero or minimal influx of visitors who convert? If not, then you don’t need a new design.

Get over the idea that your site is ugly and ‘what will the visitors think’. If it’s already converting, and users are happy with what you are currently offering them, then let it be. In case you didn’t get the MEMO, your site design is about one person and one person only: your customer. If he’s satisfied, then it’s goal accomplished.

Your brand will lose its power: Your website design is a huge part of your brand. When you make the decision to change your site design, you are also going to have to re-design your entire branding strategy. Are you ready to do that?

Be aware of the fact that rebranding is an enormous step. It means changing the perception of people about your company. The way you present your brand, your company will change entirely and it WILL affect your existing customers. Are you really ready to risk that?

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