Using Location Keywords to Find Customers “Near Me”

Using Location Keywords to Find Customers “Near Me”

When you search on Google for a certain type of business, location is an important factor. Many times, Google might fill in your search for you, by adding “near me” at the end of your search. “Florist Near Me,” “Restaurants Near Me,” “Contactors Near Me.” On the flip side, if you’re a business in the Phoenix area, how does Google know what’s “near me?” You want to show up when someone searches for your type of business that’s near them, so how can you guarantee that you will? It all comes down to how you use Location Keywords to help Google figure out where you are.

NEXTFLY is a leader of SEO services in the Phoenix area. If you want your business to be found easily on Google, trusting us is a good first step. Location Keywords can really help customers find your business.

What are Location Keywords?

Keywords are words that you use on your website that give Google an idea of what your website is about. You can use many different keywords throughout your site that Google can pick up on. Keywords are also very helpful when creating ads. A lot of the keywords will probably be specific to your business, for example, a florist might use keywords to show what they sell. “Boutineers” “Bouquets” “Valentine’s Day Roses” are all keywords that would be helpful.

You can also include locations to better target potential customers in your area. Many websites just leave their address in the footer, or maybe include a map of their location, but that’s not necessarily enough. That just gives customers an idea of where you’re located. Using Location Keywords can drive traffic to your website.

Florists, for example, primarily service their local community. If you’re a florist that wants to show up in a “near me” when someone is shopping for roses for Valentine’s Day, using your location in your product description, meta information, page title, and URL would give Google the idea of where you are and who to show your website to. Our hypothetical florist might make a Valentine’s Day special product page called “Phoenix Valentine’s Day Roses Special” and sit back as the orders come in from Phoenix area customers.

“Near Me” is a Constantly Moving Target

Now you might be thinking “why can’t I use ‘Valentine’s Day Roses Near Me’ as a keyphrase?” If Google shows so many good things “near me,” doesn’t it make sense to use “near me” as a keyword?

Let’s think about who “me” is. The person writing this blog in Arizona is “me.” My co-workers in Indianapolis could also use the keywords “near me.” If you’re someone reading this blog while on vacation in Hawaii, they would also use the term “me.” “Me” is a constantly moving target that is hard to capitalize on.

When you search on Google using your phone or computer, Google already has an idea of where you are, whether you’re at home or on vacation. “Near Me” is good when you’re searching for things, but not as a keyword for your business.

It’s best to use Location Keywords to help businesses find what is near someone when they search “near me.” So if someone is in downtown Phoenix searching for a bouquet of flowers near them, if your website has “Downtown Phoenix” on your website in a heading, page title, or product description, it’s much more likely you’ll show up in the “near me” search results.

Update Google My Business

Google provides many free tools that can help customers find you and give Google some more information about your business. Google My Business is one of those services. It’s free to create a Google My Business account, and NEXTFLY can help you set that up. All your need is a Gmail account.

From your Google My Business account, you can share your business’ location, share pictures of your business offerings, send and receive direct messages, post answers to frequently asked questions, manage reviews. Google will share with you a report to show you how many people have found your business through Google. Connecting your website to your Google My Business page keeps Google up to date about your work and offerings.

To finish your account, Google may call your business phone to confirm that the phone number listed on your page is correct. They also may send you a postcard to confirm your location. Be sure to comply with these instructions. You can always reach out to Google or NEXTFLY if you’re concerned about something you got in the mail from Google.

Ongoing SEO Can Expand Your List of Location Keywords

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In the case of our Phoenix Florist, they might want to also sell flowers to Goodyear, Gilbert, and Buckeye too. With ongoing SEO, you can write blogs and pages describing your business, but instead of using “Phoenix” as your Location Keywords, you can use other locations to expand your reach.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our florist wants to boost their sale numbers for roses. If they made a few landing pages titled “Gilbert Valentine’s Day Roses,” “Goodyear Roses for Valentine’s Day,” and “Valentine’s Day Roses Specials in Buckeye,” Google knows that these roses could also be available to anyone in these cities searching for “roses near me.”

Contact NEXTFLY To Help Improve The Traffic To Your Website

If all this talk of keywords and Google My Business is confusing to you, don’t worry. With NEXTFLY in your corner, we can write pages, blogs, and effectively use Location Keywords to help customers find your business, website, and services. Contact us today to learn more.

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