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Any smart attorney knows that their ability to take on new clients is what keeps them in business. But what is the best way to attract new clients? When you make a commercial or a billboard, you are promised that you will have so many “eyes” on your advertisement. But how many of those people that see your ad will actually call? The best customers are the ones that want to take action now. Customers that are searching for a “lawyer near me.” These people are ready to meet with an attorney who will hopefully take their case. NEXTFLY is a Phoenix Web Design Agency that can create a new website. We can also make sure people see it with SEO and PPC advertising.

Whether you’re searching for new clients, or just trying to rebrand your website, NEXTFLY has the tools and experience you need to help improve your digital presence. Let us help you create an attorney website you’re proud of while attracting new clients.

Law Firm Website Design

At NEXTFLY, We’ve made several Law Firm Websites for firms that vary in a variety of specialties. We do our best to make a website for your business that is comprehensive, visually appealing, and informative to your potential clients.

We have two kinds of websites: custom and template sites. Custom sites are great if you have a very specific layout or functionality you want on your site. If you are a satellite branch of a corporate office, you may have certain client portals or file-sharing capabilities. If you’d like to connect these capabilities to your new site, we can do that too!

Template sites are great for those who want a new attorney website fast. Template sites are pre-made sites that we customize with your logo, coloring, pictures, and text. Since we’ve done a lot of the bulk work already, creating something that is eye-catching and uniquely yours is a rewarding experience that visitors will enjoy interacting with more.

Attorney Websites Perfect For An Individual or a Whole Legal Team

Attorneys with a small office and staff might think that they do not have the budget for a new website. Our template sites are an affordable option for small businesses. Customers like working with offices your size because they feel like their case gets the individual attention they require. If you don’t have a web presence at all, you risk not being found by potential clients.

Scottsdale Family Law contacted NEXTFLY about starting the Law Firm Website Design ProcessLarge law firms love how dynamic template sites look. They give them a modern look and feel. With a custom site, many attorneys like the control they have during the design process so they have a website that brings their practice to life. More and more people are using their phones to browse the web. A big sign that you need a new website is that your current site does not look good on mobile phones. At NEXTFLY, we guarantee that your sites will be responsive to any screen size and be legible on any phone.

Checking out your competitor’s websites is always a great place to start when you’re beginning the law firm website design process. If there’s something you like about a particular site, let us know and we can replicate it as best as we can. We can incorporate videos, animations, and interactive elements into your website. When you work with our team, we keep you updated every step of the way. You have control to voice your opinion about if you like the direction the site is going in or not. Ultimately, we want to make a website you’re proud of, and we aren’t going to ask you to settle for something you don’t like. Let’s work together to start creating a new lawyer website.

Get Your New Lawyer Website Seen By Potential Clients

Once you have a new website built, how are you going to get it seen by potential clients? NEXTFLY can draw attention to your website with content creation, on-site SEO, and PPC advertising.

When it comes to content creation for your website, we look to you to showcase your expertise and services. We can help you fill in the gaps along the way, but most of the content needs to come from you. However, Google is always checking websites to make sure they are adding new content to stay fresh. We can write or edit blogs for you to help improve your SEO.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is a strategy of using keywords throughout your website to match what people are searching for. If someone searches “Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix,” does your website show up in the search results? That’s because the text on your website lacks the information Google is looking for. With SEO, we optimize your website to include the right phrases and keywords to make sure your website is found by the right people.

Digital Advertising Can Lead People to Your New Attorney Website

Attorney Websites should look clean and professional, and that's exactly what you'll get when your work with NEXTFLYPay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is a great way to show up at the top of the search results. NEXTFLY can create your law film Google Ads which show up in the first 2 results of the search results page. Google is always changing how they display search results, and you may notice that for some industries, there might be a couple of ads at the top of the search results.

PPC advertising will keep your advertising competitive and can drive traffic to your brand new website. The best thing about Google Ads is that you only pay for clicks. Your ads stick to a budget that you control and can be raised or lowered at any time. NEXTFLY is a Google Partner and we can answer a lot of your questions about Google as well as provide reports to show you how you’re doing each month. No more spending lots of money on a commercial and hoping that someone who sees it calls. Google Ads will tell you how many people saw your ad and what percentage of those people clicked on it. You’ll be able to track your return on investment easily with help from NEXTFLY.

Trust A Professional Web Design Agency To Improve Your Virtual First Impression

Whether you have a current website that needs serious updating or no website at all, NEXTFLY web design agency in Phoenix is here to help. We want to make an attorney website or law firm website that will have your clients excited about working with you. Get started with our law firm website design process by requesting a free quote. Let us know what advertising services you’re interested in too and we’ll create a comprehensive plan for you. Contact NEXTFLY today.

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