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Races and Annual Event Websites are a go-to source of information for participantsPhoenix always has a fun event or something cool going on. Residents old and young always like being a part of something cool and exciting. If you’re in charge of planning an event, how do you promote interest? Even participants value a website that contains all the event information, view calendar events, and purchase tickets. This is less complicated than using social media or an event ticketing website. Creating an interactive and vibrant event website or an event venue website is easy with the help of NEXTFLY.

NEXTFLY offers its Web Design Services to all sorts of Phoenix-area businesses. Special 5ks, Wedding venues, and annual conferences love having a comprehensive website design that is easy to update and edit. The NEXTFLY team will show you how once your website is done. Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours in the past.

Event Websites By NEXTFLY

When you start thinking about creating a new Event Website, it’s a good idea to draw on others for inspiration. Even if you like pieces and parts of each website, we can help fine-tune a design that will inspire participation and give visitors an interactive experience.

At NEXTFLY, we offer 2 kinds of sites. For those sites that require very particular capabilities and formats, we’d advise a custom site. With a custom site, we can create everything exactly as you want it with all the functionality you need.

If you need a spirited website made quickly, our template sites are the best for you. These premade sites can be easily changed to incorporate your colors, logos, and content. Our template sites are generally cheaper, and we can still integrate certain functionality features for your even website that you need.

Sell Tickets From Your Conference Website

Event and Race Websites Can be Used for Registration, Information, and Creating InterestWhen it comes to planning an event, the biggest factor is figuring out how many people are going to attend. If you have multiple sites keeping track of attendance, you could get your numbers confused. Having your attendees register and purchase tickets all from one reputable website shows legitimacy and a solid report on your prospective numbers. If you’re looking for specific functionality for your conference website, like buying tickets or registering guests, NEXTFLY can help with that. Whether you’re making a custom or template site, we can make sure your website still meets your goals. When you start your website project, make sure you let us know the goals of your site upfront so we can give you accurate pricing. Let’s start on the same page together with what you want your website to accomplish and we can start a plan from there.

Create More Excitement For Your Race Website

Any good event planner knows that preparation for an event starts months before the event takes place. Especially if it’s an annual event, you’ve already got ideas for how to improve next year’s even as soon as this year is over. If you’re trying to gain more participants, expand your reach, or just drum up some more hype, NEXTFLY has the digital marketing solutions that can help get your event more participants. If you’re starting almost a year before your event, search engine optimization or SEO might be the thing you need to help new participants learn about it. The SEO team at NEXTFLY will find the perfect keywords that match the words people are searching for and incorporate them into the text of your website. Google will show your site to people that search for the phrases we’ve optimized for so new participants will be able to find you organically. These organic results take some time to gain traction, so this is a great option for annual events. Search Engine Optimization helps people find your Event WebsiteWriting blogs updating participants about news, vendors, and other activities associated with the event is great for SEO but is also great for sharing on social media and newsletters. Your audience will become loyal to your brand, get excited about your event, and add more traffic to your website. For those who are working on a first-time event or a one-time-only occasion, but what to advertise efficiently to sell tickets, pay-per-click advertising is the best way to get to the top of the Google Search results quickly. With pay-per-click advertising, you set the budget, you can see how many people saw your ad, and you only pay for the people that click on your ad. You’ll never go over budget, and you can adjust your budget every month if you want. It’s an easy way to get people who are searching for your event to find it easily.

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The best way to get people excited about an event is with a cool invitation. Now if that invitation was a whole website, you’ll generate a lot of excitement. This year, when you’re working on your event planning budget, make sure you include a new website. NEXTFLY is ready to help! Contact us today for a free quote.

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