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Is your Phoenix based business in need of Web Development?  Look no further than NEXTFLY!  Our design and development team will be thorough on the front end of your web development project to ensure quality and accuracy until the project is complete.  Unfortunately, many of our competitors throughout the Valley skip this most important step when beginning the web development process.  A thorough and accurate assessment of our clients needs when it comes to the layout and functionality of the website is key.  If the proper groundwork is not laid first, many companies run into issue after issue along the way during their development process.  In many cases, their clients are left with an improperly functioning website or sometimes no finished product at all.  Some of our favorite clients are the ones who have previously settled for a less reputable company and have learned this lesson the hard way.   Once you hire NEXTFLY for your web development project, you will be amazed and excited about the thoroughness of our approach to deliver a beautiful and properly functioning website to you!  Our team consists of project managers, developers and designers.  We rely on a very proven process to capture your vision for the project as well as offering sound advice along the way.  Together we bring the vision to life and move your new site into production. 

Design Process

Once we have established the clear path to move forward, it is time to put your new website into production.  Most of our websites are designed using the content management system known as WordPress.  We are specialized in other platforms if you have a unique request.  This next step is exciting!  Based on our detailed notes and the clear path we’ve provided, our design and development team will create a mock-up of what the site will look like.  We will then share these mock-ups with you for you to approve.  We can then make any edits that you wish to see before we move the site into the production phase.  Seeking your approval along the way with each step is crucial.  It guarantees that the finished product will be something that we are all very proud of. 


Now that you have approved your mock-up of the site and love the new look that is underway, it is time to move the site into production.   This is when the process really gets exciting as you see your vision come to life!  We put your new site up in our test environment; it is available to view at anytime using a link that we will send you via email.  You will be able to monitor the progress of the site at anytime using this link.  Once we have your new site up in test, we will then revisit any edits that need to be made to ensure quality as we begin loading your content to the site. 

Content Loading

Your new site is looking good and it’s time to get all of the content loaded to the site.  We have content writers available if you would like to hire us to write material for you.  Most of our clients prefer to provide their own content. They are usually the subject matter experts of their industry.  Do you have your own high-resolution pictures that you would like us to add to the site?  If not, no worries!  We have access to libraries of millions of high-resolution photos for you to choose from. 


Our team will conduct rigorous testing of your website in house before we do a final walk through.  We will assure that all functionality on the site is performing properly.  We will then conduct a thorough walk through of the site with you to show you around.


This is one of our client’s favorite things about doing business with NEXTFLY.  Many design firms do not want to train the customer on how to use the back end of their site.  Any idea why?  Because they want to charge you to come back to them each time you need to make edits.  Don’t get stuck paying inflated monthly retainer fees.  At NEXTFLY we believe in handing you the keys to make edits yourself with ease.  You will not need to pay any third party to make simple changes to your site.  We will provide you with a 2-hour training course on how to login to the site and make edits.  As your business needs change, your website can change with you.

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