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Mental health professionals can span a wide range of occupations and job sites. Maybe you’re a marriage therapist that has their own private office or a clinic that helps children and teens overcome trauma. Whichever you identify the most with, having a website is a great way to reach out to those who need help the most. NEXTFLY is a Phoenix Website Design Company that has built many websites for therapists, clinics, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. Your website could be our next big project! Contact us today to get a free quote.

Psychologist Websites That Stand Out

Therapists and other mental health professionals in Phoenix want to expand their reach. It’s not enough to just be referred by doctors. Being able to attract more patients starts with a vibrant and informative website. Just like when you’re buying something online, your impression of the site often influences whether or not you make a purchase. The idea is the same for a therapist website. Prospective patients will want to screen you to find out if you’re the best fit for them. A new psychologist website is a great way to make a first impression.

Dawn Institute is a Therapist Website made by NEXTFLYAt NEXTFLY, we offer two kinds of websites; custom and template. Custom sites are built with your specifications in mind. If you need particular functionality or a very distinct layout, we can build that for you. Template sites are pre-made websites that are easily customized with your logos, colors, images, and text. Specific functionality can be added with plugins. Template sites are often less expensive and have a quicker turnaround time.

Visit other psychologist websites and see what designs and functionality they have. This will help you get started thinking about what you want your website to look like. We can often replicate other therapists’ websites but with your personal spin to make something uniquely yours. You provide content, pictures, and logos and we create a stunning website that will entice patients to learn more about your services.

Expand Your Reach with a New Therapist Website

Community Connections approached NEXTFLY for a New Therapist WebsiteWhile many mental health professionals are typically found through insurance or a referral, there are many people that are googling “therapist near me,” when they are at their lowest points. Do you show up when someone searches for services you provide? If you’re hoping to find more patients, you need to invest in your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The web design team at NEXTFLY also specializes in optimizing websites old and new. We make Google aware of your services by using keywords that match what patients are searching for. This is especially important if you’re new to the area or just started a new practice. SEO can help get your new website the traffic you’ve been looking for. As a Google Partner, we can also help put you on the map, Google Maps that is. With Google My Business, we can help patients find your office in a snap.

Therapist Sites That Can Integrate With Your Tools

If you’re part of a bigger practice that requires your office to utilize certain tools or web portals for your practice, we can include them on your therapist site. How these tools integrate with your website may mean we have to do some customization, but in the end, we promise that everything will work as it should.

Tino Silva LMFT loves his new Psychologist WebsiteScheduling appointments, patient accounts, event calendars, and blogs are all easily added to your therapist site. Many offices are looking for ways to go green. One option that frequently comes to mind is having patients fill out forms online. This sensitive data needs to be protected. NEXTFLY works with HIPAA-compliant servers and security to ensure that patients’ data does not fall into the wrong hands.

When your site is completed and you are happy with the final product, we’ll give you a training session to show you how to make edits and add pages to showcase new services. If you ever encounter a problem, or just don’t want to mess with your therapist website, we’re always here to help. But if you want to change a lot of things regularly and start a consistent blog, you absolutely can! Your level of involvement is completely up to you.

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If you’re ready to attract more patients and grow your online presence, then fill out the form to the right to get your free therapist website quote from NEXTFLY today. We’ve made many sites for local Phoenix practices and clinics. We understand that the work you do is important. We want to make sure your expertise and specialties shine bright on your website so you can help the people who need it most.

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