What does your website say about your business?

What does your website say about your business?

Have you ever researched a company that you planned to do business with only to be completely turned off and unimpressed with the way they portray themselves online? 81% of shoppers will do online research on your business before making any major purchase. If your company has a bad website, you may not be aware of the money flying out of your windows.

We’ve all been there, a visitor to an ugly website. Our first impression is that the company we are looking at is “rinky dink” or “fly by night”. The imagery on their site looks like it was taken with a flip phone in the 90’s and the font they are using when describing their business was developed for Atari. There are typos on their website. Chances are they knew someone who did web development in their basement for cheap. What they don’t realize is that not only is their website not driving in more business, it is probably sending business in the other direction. All visitors to a site like this will bounce almost immediately and not consider visiting again in the future or purchasing anything from that business.

81% of shoppers will do online research on your business before making any major purchase. Enticing these researchers is the key to having a successful website that drives revenue for your company. A good-looking site will encourage web readers to read more. It will look and feel like a trusted resource and will perform its duty as such. 61% of buyers will read product reviews from other buyers who have purchased. As a trusted resource, a good site will proudly display reviews and testimonials from previous purchasers or clients. Buyers today are far more educated than at any point in history. How important is it for your business and website to be the educator? Educating your clients will earn their trust and people will only buy from a trusted source.

One of the other major factors in portraying your business as a trusted resource is your search engine optimization. How easy was it for a researcher to find you? Search engines put a heavy emphasis on clicks to your site and how long the visitor stayed. The longer people stay and read, the more the search engine will recognize your site as the trusted resource. 60% of all shoppers will begin their search through a major search engine. Most visitors will not read past the first few results of that search. That means if your business is not listed toward the top of page one of their search, it probably won’t get clicked or even noticed.

How do you address these issues?

Hire a web design firm. There are many companies out there that will offer you a free website. Unfortunately for you, you will need to do most if not all of the work yourself. Unless you are a specialist in these fields, chances are you are just wasting time and money. A good web design firm knows the requirements of every major search engine and also has tools to optimize your site for search. They are also well versed in development software that will create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, easy to navigate web site. The type of site that visitors want to click around on. The type of site that looks legit. The type of site that makes people feel safe to get out their credit card and buy something. The type of site that makes money for your business!

If you hire the right web design firm, their work should have a quick return on investment. It should pay for itself by delivering results to your business. Do your research when selecting the right company. The company you choose should have a healthy online reputation. They should have a visible portfolio of their previous work. You should also be able to easily find them by searching. If you want to look up our site, just Google: “Phoenix Web Design Company”.

Driving revenue for our clients is something that we do everyday at NEXTFLY Web Design. We are a Phoenix based web design company that specializes in custom web development, search engine optimization, mobile optimization, Ecommerce along with corporate branding and logo design. We have over 10 years of web design experience and over 1,000 satisfied clients. We offer solutions that will fit any budget and offer free consultation to any prospective client.

Don’t let your company’s ugly website push business away. An online make over may be all that your business needs to get to the next level!

All the best!

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