What is A Landing Page?

What is A Landing Page?

Creating a landing page is a great idea to attract customers to your business

You may have heard the term “Landing Page” thrown around when it comes to talking about your website marketing strategy. There is no page on your website that is called “landing page” so what is it? Simply put, a landing page is a standalone page from your website that directs people to specific products or services they were looking for.

We’ll break down what a landing page should do, what a landing page should look like, and how you can use landing pages.

What Does A Landing Page Do?

Let’s say you run a plumbing business. You already have a “plumbing services” web page, shouldn’t that be enough? A landing page is specifically designed to receive and convert traffic in an online marketing campaign. So a landing page might feature more items than other pages on your website because you’re trying to generate traffic.

You might name this page “Plumbing Services in Chandler” or “Mesa’s Best Plumbers,” so your page shows up for other terms people might be searching for. Landing pages are a great way to help with your SEO. Because they create more content for your website, and they expand your keyword list to attract potential customers.

What Should A Landing Page Look Like?

Make sure your landing page is easy to findWhen you make a landing page, you need to think about what action you want a customer to take when they see it. You might want your visitors to make a purchase, call you, submit a lead form, subscribe to your newsletter, or register for an event.

Make sure that your objectives are easy to follow. If you want them to sign up for your newsletter, put your form front and center with an attractive background image. If you want them to fill out a contact form, make sure the form is on the page. Visitors should be able to navigate to the rest of your website, but make sure that your call to action is clear.

You’ll want a headline that captures the attention of your visitors. Having a call-to-action at the top of your page is a great way to inspire your visitors to act right away. You can include more call-to-action buttons as you move further down the page. Make sure you’re calling to the same action. You don’t want to confuse your visitors by signing up for your newsletter and calling your office. Pick the one and repeat it to entice your visitors to act.

Explain the benefits of your services and why your customers should choose you. You can use this space to highlight the uniqueness of your products or services or show pricing. Then prove how happy customers are with your services. You can do this either with a video, testimonials, pictures, or embedded content like someone posting a picture of your product on Instagram.

Last you want to have a closing argument to convince people to do something. Use your call to action again. “Buy now,” “Sign-up Today for a Free Quote,” “Get started today,” are all good examples of call-to-action lines.

How Can You Use Landing Pages?

If you are running Google Ads, you can have sitelink extensions that highlight specific aspects of your business. You can use your landing pages as the link for the ad. Google Ads can feature up to 8 sitelinks at once below your ad.

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Your plumbing services ad might have sitelink extension that says “Hot Water Heater Repair,” “Backed Up Garbage Disposal.” When someone clicks on one of these sitelink extensions, they’ll be taken directly to your landing page that’s about your garbage disposal repair services.

Landing pages are also great for most any type of social media advertising. You can use sitelink extensions on youtube video ads too. If you’re doing Facebook or Twitter ads, make sure that the graphic you showcase on social media matches your landing page, so your audience doesn’t experience a disconnect.

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