Who should I vote for?

This is a list of the pros and cons of Hilary vs. Donald by Luke Wiseman.


I watch the news every morning and it seems to be nearly exclusive coverage of our upcoming election. The Republicans just had their convention and the Democratic convention is underway. Both parties seem to be experiencing some discord among their members. Senator Ted Cruz refused to back Donald Trump due to all the personal attacks that Trump launched against him while they were competing for the nomination. While on the Democrat side of the house, Bernie Sanders fans are having trouble with Hilary being the nominee. Huge portions of Democrats seem to still be feeling the Bern. I have personally never seen myself directly associated to either of these parties. I am independent and would be considered a “swing voter”. It is because of this that I felt the need to list out what I believe to be the pros and cons of each candidate and address some of the concerns that I think all of us may be feeling. I will do my best to be objective during this article, please try to keep an open mind.

Lets start with the Cons.

Donald Trump

  • Loose Cannon – Donald scares people. Donald is a man that doesn’t pull any punches and says exactly what he feels and thinks. Some people consider him tactless. People have a deep fear that he would ruin some of our international relations and perhaps start a war.
  • Greedy – I’ve heard people say that they think he is only in this for personal gain. His track record indicates that he is wealthy and has had to step on people to get there.
  • His Haircut – What is going on up there?
  • He is a misogynist – Comments that he’s made in the past lead people to believe he thinks of women as objects.

Hilary Clinton

  • Bought by Special Interest – Her entire campaign is funded by a super pact. She is funded by global corporations and will have to comply with them once in office. Nothing will change.
  • Email Scandal – Clinton sent and received classified information from a private email server and personal email account.
  • Benghazi – Hilary was accused of a cover-up in regards to the motives of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in 2012.
  • Career Politician – Hilary and Bill have been at this a long time. They know their way around Washington D.C. and are professional politicians. The fear is that she wouldn’t change a thing.

Now The Pros

Donald Trump

  • Loose Cannon – Some people find his no-nonsense approach refreshing and something that’s been missing in Washington for years. He doesn’t dance around issues and he gets straight to the heart of the matter.
  • Funded his own campaign – Donald isn’t bought and paid for by special interest groups.   He will not have to comply with lobbyists because he isn’t in anyone’s pocket. Making big changes will be much easier for him in Washington.
  • Expert Negotiator – Trump has an impressive record in business. Recently the US has made some very bad deals internationally that have made us appear “soft”. A hard-nosed businessman at the helm could restore respect toward the US.

 Hilary Clinton

  • Experienced – Hilary has spent decades in Washington and was the first lady for 8 years. She knows how to work the system in Washington.
  • Even tempered – If you don’t like the brashness of Donald, she has the demeanor of a more even keeled individual.
  • Woman President – We have never had one. A woman as Commander-In-Chief would show the world that we are an open-minded society. Obama cleared the path for this becoming our first African-American president. Why not?
  • Safer Choice? – Many feel as though a vote for Trump is risky. Trump used Wrestle Mania like tactics to gain the GOP nomination. Many viewed this as bullish and intimidating. Hilary is often viewed as the less-risky candidate.

Whoever you decide to vote for in the coming election, I hope this article helps you weigh out the pros and cons of each candidate. Personally, I feel that we have a lot of issues that need to be addressed to ensure a safe future for the United States. Many of these issues include our Veterans, Armed Forces, Economy, Health Care, Education and Energy among others. Both candidates address these concerns. I want to vote for the one that can make changes happen in these areas.  Best of luck to you on Election Day.  God Bless America!