Why Is No One Reading My Blog?

Why Is No One Reading My Blog?

There is nothing more frustrating than giving your time and pouring your heart and soul into a blog piece and then no one is reading it. Why is no one reading my blog?

Human vs. Robot


Well, first of all don’t fret, even if there truly was not one single person reading your Blog, Google is the one that matters. Blogs are great for getting your information out to your audience but is also a great way to boost your websites content and your SEO ranking. Your blogs are adding valuable content to your site and Google is noticing.

Maybe you want to get more human eyes on your blog and not just the Google bots, ok that’s understandable, maybe you need to tweak your approach a little. Here are some tips.

First of all, don’t keep doing the same thing hoping for different results. Easier said than done I know, old habits are hard to break, but if getting more readers, followers, growing your brand, etc. is your goal, then you may need learn some new tricks. What do you like reading? Find common threads among the articles and blogs that make you not stop scrolling.

Content, Images and Overall Aesthetics


They likely all have captivating content, likely eye-catching headings and images. The photos you choose as your main image is a very important factor. It’s the first thing the human reader will notice and likely be the reason they choose to read or not. You want to make sure you have a photo with good resolution, color, and no clip-art type images.  It needs to fit into your branding scope and needs to be related to your content, no pictures of a train wreck and then the blog is about your top 10 best summer picnic recipes.

Check the speed on your site. If it is taking readers a long time to download your information, then chances are they are going to give up and move on to something else. People are impatient in general, and the younger age groups have made them even more impatient it seems. So, make sure you are not losing out to the ‘loading’ bug.

Is your website mobile-friendly? How does your blog look on mobile devices or tablets? If it’s not working well on mobile that’s a big issue not just with the majority of people who do everything on their phones but to Google as well. Not being mobile friendly site is a ding for the robot eyes of Google as well on your SEO.

Try making your font a little bigger.  I have recently worked with several baby boomers and their generation is getting less afraid to try this crazy computer world, but they generally have a hard time seeing it. Try using a 12 or 14 size font if your audience is in the 50+ category.


Editing and Scheduling


Are you doing your own editing and proof reading? Maybe have someone else take a look at it before you post it. Sometimes it is difficult to edit our own work, it makes sense in your head so we think it is all good to go. But if someone else reads it they may be able to say that maybe it’s unorganized or scattered. Reading our chaotic thoughts is likely not the top of anyone’s list. Except your Mom, she will always read your blog, and love it.

Make sure you are on a good schedule and keep to it. Here we do weekly rotation and have to hold each other accountable to make sure we get that done. Remember even if my Mom is the only human reading my blog, I have to keep in mind the beneficial factors overall to my website and my SEO.




Blogging is not difficult, but it does require some effort and a well thought out plan.

-Make a schedule and keep to it.

-Make sure you are mobile-friendly and pages are loading quickly.

-Choose attention grabbing and relevant headings and images.

-Have someone proofread before you post.

-Remember Mom and big brother “Google” will always read it.


If you are still having issues with your blog, uncertain where to start, or just need help getting your site up-to-speed and date. Give us a call and we can answer any and all of your questions and we will have you blogging like a pro in no time!


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