Why Start-Ups and New Businesses Should Hire A Phoenix Web Design Agency

Phoenix Web Design NEXTFLY CompanyPhoenix is currently the fastest-growing city in America. This growth is spurred by many people leaving California and cold climates for their own space in Arizona’s beautiful landscape. Many people are relocating to Phoenix to start new businesses. If you’re a tech startup that needs a website to start generating interest, then you should partner with another Phoenix start-up, NEXTFLY Web Design.

When you work with Nextfly, you have a digital marketing partner that you can consistently rely on. Your success is our success. We want to create eye-catching, modern websites to show off on our portfolio. As your business grows, come back to NEXTFLY and we can update, change, and add to your website. Contact NEXTFLY today to learn more.

Why You Should Start Your New Business Website Before Your Launch And Not After

Most Tech Startups have a mission to create a service or a product that does not currently exist. You might not be the first person with this idea, but you are probably the first person to actually make a business around it. There are plenty of people who probably have had this same thought. They might even do a search on Google to see if there is a product available. If they find your website that says “cool idea coming soon” they’ll get excited to see your progress as your business grows.

When you create a new website for your start-up early, you have a great headstart. Your website can easily grow as your business grows. Here are some other reasons why you should begin work on your tech startup website now.

SEO Can Help People Discover Your Start-Up Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how search engines, like Google, match your website and content to what people are searching for. But in order for Google to know what your tech startup is all about, you need to optimize your site to include the keywords that people are actually searching for.

A New Business Website Can Benefit From A Strong SEO StrategySEO takes a long time to gain a lot of traction to start showing your site on the first page of Google. Working on your SEO while your business is still growing is a great way to collect the right keywords. When your site starts showing up on the first page of Google, by that time you’ll have more content and information to capture and hold interest.

If your tech startup has a profound website already, but you want more people to discover it, Pay-Per-Click Advertising through Google is a great way to get be guaranteed the top spot in Google right away. Pay-Per-Click advertising is flexible and effective. You only pay for the people who click on your ads. If you need to amp up your budget or scale it back you can do so quickly as well.

Tech Startups Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Solutions

When you work with a Phoenix Web Design Agency to start your website, you can also take advantage of some of our digital marketing solutions.

Want to create interest on social media? NEXTFLY can create blogs, posts, and other pages to share on your social media pages. We can help you create social media pages as well as Facebook advertising. Facebook remarketing campaigns are a great way to keep people engaged with your brand as you grow.

Email marketing is also a great way to stay in touch with your website visitors. Keep them in the loop with updates, news, and special offers. This helps generate loyalty to your brand and your customers will proudly show that they supported you from the start.

Security and Hosting Solutions

A good idea is likely to attract negative attention as well. DDOS attacks and hacking is becoming more and more prominent. How do you protect hackers on your website from ruining your reputation? NEXTFLY has the hosting and security solutions to keep your website safe.

We know we’re not the cheapest web hosting option in town, but we believe our hosting is a great value. We provide regular backups and responsive support. If your site is hacked, we can restore it to how it was before with very little interruption. Since we’re a local Phoenix-based company, you’ll always talk to one of our team members when there is an issue, and you’ll never have to wait on hold. We’re here to help your website succeed no matter what hits your site.

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