WWW vs Non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

WWW vs Non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

WWW vs non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

There’s more to Search Engine Optimization than ranking for keywords. One important part of a solid SEO strategy is to make sure that your website is easily accessible by users as well as the search bots.

SEO plays a big role in facilitating the search engine bots to successfully ‘understand’ a website so that the users can easily find the information they’re looking for. So the next time you’re considering optimizing your domain name, here are a few things to keep in mind.

WWW vs. Other Stuff

This is a hot topic of debate among various SEO companies; is www better than the non-www version at optimizing a website?

Let us share our two cents on the topic. “WWW” is not necessary to rank your website. There. We said it. There are highly successful websites that use WWW, and those who don’t. It’s true that when you’re linking to your website in a professional capacity, WWW looks more ‘serious’, right? But that’s all there is to the necessity of WWW. Whether you choose to go with it or just go with a HTTP domain name, it’s all good.

The only thing you need to know about domain names is Google loves and appreciates it when your domain name has keywords in it. If your website domain name includes focus keywords, you not only get a higher ranking but your visitors also have an easy time remembering your brand.

How to Choose a Keyword Domain?

Choosing a domain name is the first and most important step you take while designing your website. You need to choose a name that will help you craft a strong SEO foundation as well as easily brand you among the visitors.

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Not long ago, online marketers and SEO gurus used to buy domains that contained the exact keyword or keyphrase. For example, if an SEO expert wanted to rank high for the keyword phrase “buy black boots”, then he might order the BuyBlackBoots.com domain. At the time, this was a golden strategy that helped people to not only rank high in search engines, but it also encouraged people to use the same phrase while posting a link back to that site.

Sadly, now Google has declared these kinds of domains inefficient.  They have already passed a bunch of updates that have rendered the Exact Match Domains almost useless. So, if you’re considering doing the same, we would strongly advise against it.

Choose a Domain that’s easy to Brand

Consider choosing a domain name that will help the users identify your brand with ease. If you think branding has nothing to do with SEO, you are wrong. The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said that brands are solutions because they are used to sort the cesspool.

Your domain name will be the main way search engines will use to figure out your link’s identity. So, keep it simple, and precise. Do not use hyphens or spammy words. They generate distrust in the users as well as the search bots.


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