A Blog for SEO and the reader too!

A Blog for SEO and the reader too!

A blog is an incredible vehicle to loading your website full of fresh content.   While it may be tempting to cater more toward what the search engines want to see, it is equally important to captivate your human audience. Here are some successful strategies to employ when creating a blog that search engines love and readers enjoy!


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Research your keywords.

Our Web Design business has a heavy focus on blogging. We publish at least one new blog per week. We usually have a heavy emphasis on the Phoenix area in regards to all of our services including Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing. A great way to research your keywords is to use Google’s Adwords keyword research tool. The analytics found there will show you the most searched terms and words for your particular business and give you a great inspirational direction for what you need to focus on. Integrating those keywords into your subject matter will let the search engines know the main focus of your content.

Use a powerful heading!

This is important for both the reader and the engine. Grabbing the attention of your audience is key. The heading of your blog (once posted to your site) will be the first thing that readers will notice along with your featured image. Selecting a fun and relevant featured image is also very important to gain the attention of a potential reader.   Headings are very important for Google as well. Be sure to use your keywords in headings and sub-headings whenever possible. It must read and appear natural though so don’t over-do it!


Have an easy to read structure to your blog.

Aside from headings, be sure to use paragraphs as well. This breaks apart the content in a clean fashion so it doesn’t appear overwhelming. Human readers will only scan much of what you write so it’s important that you hit all the key points of the message that you are wanting to send in the headings and then dive into the details in the paragraph. This makes the overall readability of your article easy and encourages readers to dive in deeper when they want to.


Put a HUGE focus on the AMOUNT of content in your blog!

This always reminds me of my days in school when papers were due. I would always wait until a day or two before the due date to knock out the 1,000 word paper. Blogging is very similar in that regard. Our Web Design business puts a huge emphasis on the amount of content that we load into each blog. We suggest a minimum of 750 words and often up to 1,000 or more. As long as your content is well written, there is no harm in having plenty of it.

Put your company on a schedule.

While the amount of content and keywords are a huge focus, the frequency of your posting is also a huge factor in the world of SEO. For instance, our Phoenix Web Design Company publishes one new blog article each week. If you would like to see the effectiveness of blogging, go ahead and Google those keywords I’ve been using.   We like to use a “round robin” type of strategy at our office. We take turns each week with blog writing. To be honest, it’s never exciting when it’s your blog week but it only takes a little while once you sit down and apply yourself.

Make sure your Phoenix Website Design is aesthetically pleasing.

If you are blogging on an ugly website don’t expect that a lot of people are going to stick around and read your new post. Beautiful design and layout to your web pages is key to make the visitors feel like staying for a bit. They may even explore pages beyond your blog once you’ve gotten their attention. If you need help with this, Nextfly has your back! We have Web Design Services to fit any budget and our customers in Phoenix love the work we do!


Have people proof read your blog.

A second or third set of eyes on your new post is a great way to avoid any errors and improve your blog. Their feedback is key and often will let you catch mistakes or make improvements. We often like to share our work company wide before we publish it.

Share your blog on social.

Once you’ve published your new blog and grabbed the link, go ahead and share it with the world. Use every platform of social media that you can and put it out there for everyone to click on. Those clicks will drive visitors to your website and Google likes that a lot. Having a “content rich” and easy to read blog will only encourage them to stay and while and check out your new masterpiece. We love when visitors come to our Phoenix site to read about the news in Web Design.


Finally, Sit back and enjoy your hard work!

While creating a blog may seem tedious, what you’re actually doing is building a library of information. Your website will slowly grow into an online resource of information for visitors. Oh, and by the way, the search engines will love it too!

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