Turn Your Employees into Social Media Brand Agents

Turn Your Employees into Social Media Brand Agents

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Social media platforms have increasingly become a common source for brands to engage with their client base and potential prospects. Some companies are taking it a step further and leveraging employee advocates and social media together to expand reach, increase engagement and drive demand.

Keep reading to find out why companies around the globe have been adopting this practice and why you should too. 

Business man with tie for Phoenix Web DesignExtra Reach

Your employees have as many connections on social media as your brand, if not more. Word of mouth publicity done by employees on their social media profiles acts as a booster to the digital and social media efforts of the company.

Encouraging employees to share relevant content for their company via social networks
is helping companies in tackling the challenge of content distribution within and outside their organizations. This helps organizations to extend their reach and engage within a larger audience.

Adds Credibility

A post shared by an employee remains highly authentic and automatically gains more weight on the online communities they are shared on as audiences see that an employee of the company has shared a post, rather than an outsider.

Increasing awareness through your employee’s authentic voice gives you much more credibility than your company’s own handle. It acts as a social proof and is trusted by over 90% of audience on social media. This way your content automatically gains an edge over brand sharing.

Increased Engagement

Employee brand agents facilitate better engagement with users because they know they are interacting with people and not just a company. Everyone is on social media to interact with friend and family and stalk ex’s so it only comes naturally to overlook a promotional, sometimes sponsored post by a company.

According to a study, employee advocacy increases customer engagement by up to 8 times. Increased engagement drives even more engagement and creates a lasting cycle of valuable social capital. This also enables employees to establish relationships with their prospects and customers which can lead them to sell more efficiently.

Improved Employer Brand

Brand advocacy is one of the best ways to make employees feel like true assets to a brand. It makes them valued and feel like each day at work matters. Seeking feedback from workers on a regular basis and prioritizing keeping employees happy pays off in dividends.

When employees enjoy their jobs, they will advocate on your company’s behalf with gusto given the right outlet. They will become brand ambassadors and do the hard work of promoting your company from the inside out. With strong leadership and a great brand advocacy program, it’ll surely reap the potential benefits.

In conclusion, make sure you’re doing everything possible to empower your own employees to be the best advocates they can be before you go too far afield in your search for the right ambassadors for your brand.

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