Adjusting to the new normal

Adjusting to the new normal

Let’s face it, life as we know it may have changed forever.  While we don’t know this for sure and we are still waiting to see how things play out, our business and home lives may have been adjusted for good.


Our Phoenix Web Design business has seen some significant changes.  As a company we had to reorganize, adjust some head count, put projects on hold and move our offices to an “at home” work environment.  We are still keeping our brick and mortar location in Goodyear, AZ for the time being.  I bet my desk has an inch of dust on it by now.  While some of these changes have been fun in a sense of variety and adventure, some of them have been a little scary at times.  If you have found yourself in a similar boat, here

are some things that I have found to help with the adjustment and keep you sane in these uncertain days.


Adjusting your routine.  It’s true, we are all creatures of habit.  My personal routine has always helped to keep me get into a rhythm and ensure that I was my most productive self throughout the work week.  I would be up at 5 am every day and my dog and I would do our 5-mile trek around the neighborhood in usually around an hour.  During this time, I would do a daily devotional and spend time in meditation and prayer.  I have found lately that keeping this as part of my routine has helped me to adjust to being home all the time and it’s also helping me stay productive at work.  It would be very easy to fall off the deep end in times like these and become lazy and less productive.  While I now tend to stay up a little later and sleep a little later, I am still making sure to take care of myself and the dog by keeping this routine going each week.  The Web Design work that we are doing for the people of Phoenix has become more important now than ever and it’s imperative for myself and our team to keep bringing our “A game” each and every day.  So, when it comes to adjusting your routine, try not to do it.

Stay out of the fridge.  I have found this to be a huge challenge.  When we were at the office, we weren’t so close to our entire food supply all the time.  Let’s face it, isolation is often boring.  I’ve found it very easy to get up from my workstation, walk to the kitchen and look into the fridge.  I didn’t even realize how often I was doing this at first.  I noticed the scale in our bathroom was reflecting a few extra pounds than before.  I quickly made the adjustment to stop “eating because I’m bored”.  I have successfully gotten myself back on my old routine of eating less and feel better already because of this.  This again would be an easy time to “let the wheels come off”.  I’ve heard on the news lately that a lot of people are gaining weight known as the Covid 15.  Don’t let that happen to you!

Explore a new business venture.  Sadly, I know a high percentage of the country is out of work at the moment.  Many non-essential businesses and people who work in the food service industry are completely out of work.  What better time than the present to turn your focus on that new idea you had for a business?  You may never find yourself in a better position with extra time to devote to launching your dream job.  Our Phoenix Web Design company gets calls every week now from new entrepreneurs who are interested in creating a new company and in need of help establishing an online presence.  This is the best time to chase down that dream you’ve had for years.


Stay Safe.  Another pit fall in all of this is the temptation to reunite with your friends and family.  The last thing that we want to do is become stir crazy and give into that temptation.  I’ve discovered lately with the help of apps like Zoom, Houseparty and Facetime, that I am speaking to many old friends and family that I’ve lost touch with over the years.  I am grateful that we have all of this cool technology to use.  Had this happened 30 years ago, it would have been a much scarier time.  I encourage you all to follow the government guidelines for keeping yourself and your family safe.  This will all blow over.  While we may not ever realize the same normalcy that we had before, we should be able get through all of this safely and get back to a life similar to what we had.  All the best!

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