Stop and Smell The Roses

Stop and Smell The Roses

As a Phoenix-based Web Design Company, we are lucky to be able to work from home and basically have business as usual. Our job really does not require an office, but we do like the “team” atmosphere as corny as it may sound. I miss the ease of walking over to my co-worker’s office and chatting about their day or weekend for a few minutes when you need a break to just get up for a minute to stretch the legs. I miss the ease of walking to the next office to ask a question or being able to say, “hey are you busy…,” loudly from one room to the next. Not eating lunch out has probably saved us all $15-$30 this week alone, but I missed wing Thursday. People generally find change hard, and what has happened in the United States, and all of the other countries around the world, is having to adapt to some serious changes.

I think overall when this is over it will be a change for the good. I am a generally optimistic person, so I find it easier than some to look on the bright side, so to speak. With business being down across the board and people losing their jobs, 401K’s tanking, seniors in high school will likely not have a prom or graduation, schools, in general, may not resume this calendar year and people are actually losing their lives. Amongst all of the negative, it can be hard to see any kind of positive spin on things.

We have no choice but to finally slow down. No more kids’ sports, dinners out, a concert with friends, running here and there doing whatever is we all do, it has all paused and we are just here, together as a family, and I like it. Trying to find a good schedule with 2 kids and one computer and this home school issue has been a struggle, but we have managed.  They want to play video games or watch make-up tutorials on YouTube all day and we as parents have to help their brains not turn to summer mush too soon. We have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a family 4 days in a row and I am not sure about you guys, but unless we are on vacation that doesn’t happen. It has been really nice just to have everyone together all the time, It has not been that way since the kids were toddlers and I stayed home with them and since I struggle daily with how quickly my precious babies became pre-teens seemingly overnight and that has been really nice.

As a business though it is hard. I feel it may get worse before it gets better, that part stinks. People are scared of getting sick, worried about the stock market, not sure if they have enough paper goods to last through…however long this may last. Unfortunately, we just do not know at the moment, but we can prepare.

If you have a web-based business, the best thing is that right now people are doing little else than just surfing the net. You can make sure that while they are browsing that your site looks good, just go through your site checklist. Is it easy to navigate, and has no broken pages or links? This is a great time to add or revise your content or start a blog. Even if people are not buying a whole lot right now, they will be, and you want them to remember your site. If you are having any issues with loading, errors, broken pages, style, or just want to look into some marketing options we can help.  We are a full-service Phoenix Web Design Company and can help you with a few simple edits, build you a new beautiful custom website, help you with ad creation, SEO, and anything in between. Call Nextfly today and we can help make your website the best post coronavirus apocalypse website out there! In the meantime, enjoy your family and this little break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and go smell those roses! Together we will all be stronger after!

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