How to Attract New Customers with Your Pinterest Presence?

How to Attract New Customers with Your Pinterest Presence?

One of the greatest inventions till date has to be the emergence of social media. The power of social media channels can never be underestimated, serving as one of the most powerful platforms for connectivity and customer engagement.

All of us at NEXTFLY, a Phoenix Web Design Company, realize this and for this reason value the significance that social media channels can add to businesses today.

Pinterest is a fantastic medium, creating a fabulous niche for itself while serving over 175 million users with pins estimating to around billions. Those businesses in search of some creative flair can greatly benefit from Pinterest’s presence, especially those aiming towards establishment of growth and displaying their work.

Let’s take a look at our top tips of how you can use Pinterest to get your customers.

8 Sure-fire Tips for Pinterest Usage

1.    Utilize a business account

Those individuals planning on making cash through the Pinterest application should definitely make use of the business account, which we mentioned is free of cost. Establishing this account is a straightforward and easy process, also providing analytics with great access.

2.    Get yourself organized

Organization is key and there’s no better way to make your customers aware of your offerings than through an organized and effective board. Also ensure that your boards are well structured, complete with a title and theme so your customers know where to find what they desire.

3.    Always make use of keywords

Every pin should be complete with a thorough keyword description. This serves as an effective way through which customers can find certain pins with greater ease.

With an abundance of different categories to choose from, keywords added to titles and board descriptions are also very helpful when customers are short on time. You can also add other things to your pin, but keywords are a must!

4.    Reviews and Edits are a must

Before and after you post a certain pin, always ensure to take out the time to proofread what you’ve posted.

Sometimes pins don’t turn out the way you originally imagined, resulting in unnecessary clutter and poor usage of space. No customer would be attracted to such a board or pin. Reviews and edits are hence necessary to avoid customers looking beyond your hard work and efforts.

5.    Make use of the glory of contests

Putting up frequent contests for customers to participate in is a wonderful way of engaging customers to visit your pins frequently. It has been proven to be a great marketing strategy till date so why not make use of it in all its glory.

6.    Begin using group boards

Boosting up your traffic and engaging your customers is what you originally aim for. By starting group boards you can reach your goals in a shorter span of time. Another great option is to join other group boards that relate to your interest and your business’s niche.

7.    Follow and Re-pin your customers

A great tactic to get more customers is following and re-pinning pins of the more active bunch in your customer lot. This is an effective way for your business to grow and is what social media is all about.

8.    Utilize Analytics

To judge how well your business is doing can be done through making use of Pinterest Analytics. This is also a fantastic opportunity of gaining insight of your customers, crucial for any business to survive.

To sum it up, your marketing and branding strategies should definitely make use of the social media platform. Pinterest is a phenomenal way through which customers can be engaged, allowing your efforts to be noticed in the greatest manner possible.

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