Have them Beggin’ for More: Creating Repeat Customers

Have them Beggin’ for More: Creating Repeat Customers

In today’s world customers can reach dozens of similar offers at their fingertips and make a purchase within minutes. Maybe they chose you once but was their experience good enough to stick with you?

Being the leading Phoenix web design agency we are going to help you find out how you can create repeat customers.

Make It Personal

Making a personal connection with your customers will make you stand out from your competitors. To do that, you have to first reveal something about yourself. Tell them the story about your brand and what it means to you – something your customers can relate to.

Remember Special Occasions

The more you remember about your customers, the more they will value their relationship with you. You should always remember their names, preferences and their last order as a rule. But you can always do more than that.

Remember and acknowledge their stories, their ideas and their special occasions. Send out a promotional item or a discount code congratulating them.

Offer Unexpected Rewards

It is good to surprise and delight your customers every once in a while. To foster loyalty amongst your not-so-frequent customers, you need to forge an emotional connection.

You could offer them a little something for free, provide discount coupons for their next purchase or simply include samples of some of your other products with their purchases.

Reward Regular Customers

When you reward your regular customers, you’re telling them you value their trust. Use effective incentives for your most loyal and frequent customers. The more popular choices of doing this are loyalty programs, preferential service terms, sending out products before their official launch, etc.

Use Special Packaging

Product packaging is an integral part of any shopping experience. It promotes the product, the brand and the business as a whole.

Quality packaging which is personal and customized in some way will make your customer feel special. A decorative paper bag or a personal handwritten note will make you stand out in your customer’s eyes.

Be Proactive

After making a sale be sure to check in with the customer to know whether they are satisfied with the purchase, whether it matched up to their expectations and if any problems they faced were effectively solved or not. This shows the customers that you genuinely care about their well-being and aren’t just trying to make quick sales.

Keep In Touch

Whether you are a new start up or a small business, staying in touch with your customers is guaranteed to increase your sales. There are many creative ways for keeping in touch with your customers. Newsletters, birthday or anniversary cards, holiday cards are all great ideas. Sending out your business’s latest news and promotions can also help keep your customers in loop.

Show Gratitude

In this era of impersonal online shopping and fast paced lifestyle, customer appreciation is often forgotten. You should make your customers feel valued. It is important to remember here that sincerity trumps gimmicks. A sign of genuine gratitude that makes your customer feel you truly care for them will go a long way.

There are many ways that can make your customers feel they are spending their money in the right place. Invest time into finding out what makes your customers feel valued to keep them coming back to you.

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