How to Make it Big as a Small Business

How to Make it Big as a Small Business

All businesses need exposure, no matter how wonderful their product or service is. Although as a small business you may not have the level of resources of larger competitors in terms of staffing and financing.

Here are a few tips that can help you gain exposure regardless of your scale of operations.

Use Press Releases

Press release is an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter. Writing and submitting press releases is a great way to get free press exposure. It can be about launch of new products, awards your company has received or even new employee announcements.

It is important to use press releases only for newsworthy announcements and not as advertising ploys. A well-written press release could attract attention from newspapers and magazines and even be followed by an in-depth interview.

Write Articles around Relevant Keywords

SEO is the first thing you should learn about when you decide your business is going to have an online presence. Words, extremely relevant to your business may seem like the obvious choice for keywords but often a human factor is involved in regards to the search words or phrases.

It is important to invest into tools for proper research of search words used by your target audience. Starting a company blog is also growing in popularity. You write short articles relevant to your industry which might help your consumers and other business owners alike.

This will help to establish you as the knowledge leader in the industry and inevitably earn you some well-deserved fame.

Participate in Industry Meetings and Events

Active participation in industry events can get you on the radar of both targeted consumers and media contracts. You can use this opportunity to announce new products or services. It is also the place to be if you need lead generation.

Networking at industry trade events sponsored or managed by targeted publications is a great way to make influential connections. You can even organise your own media event with a grand opening like a charity fundraiser or a closeout sale.

Get Connected on Social Media

This is the most obvious advice here and you’re probably already doing it but the key here is to do it right. All good Phoenix web development companies will recommend you to create your company’s account across all social media platforms and be active on them.

Social marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, making it important to carefully scrutinize what you are putting out there in your brand’s name.

Well placed social media pages can be used to drive targeted traffic.

Social media does not only help you build a relationship with your present and potential customers but also boosts your site’s SEO by providing backlinks for interested audience. You will also be able to immediately resolve any problems your customers have, ultimately helping in building brand loyalty.

It is easy to get caught up in getting your name out there but it is important to remember the whole point of getting exposure is to acquire new customers, repeat purchases and referrals.

Put in hard work to get your share of exposure but also work continuously to keep your customers happy.

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