And the Best Tool to Promote Your Presence on Facebook is…Emotion?

And the Best Tool to Promote Your Presence on Facebook is…Emotion?

A lot of companies use Facebook for promotion as it is a huge platform. So, what is the best choice for marketing on Facebook?

Is it emotional marketing or something better? Many marketing companies including Phoenix Web Design Company are looking for ways to create winning campaigns while emotions work wonders in this aspect.

The winning campaign also has another side which is the losing side –on which no one wishes to be. So, while considering the chances of winning, it is important to understand the concept of emotional marketing especially when the plan to launch a campaign on Facebook.

Significance of Emotion

The reason behind using emotions in a marketing campaign is they are such a powerful tool. The emotional content works way better than rational content and outperforms it to the ratio of 2:1.

The invoking of emotions works as many people recognize it most when thinking about it. Your top choices on Facebook posts will most likely be those that are inclined to invoke an emotional response.

How to use Emotions?

Here are few ways of using emotions in a marketing campaign on Facebook.


This is a powerful and most unused emotion in campaign marketing. Its results when used in marketing are fantastic. Some people have pride in their accomplishments, sports team, and kids. Making use of this emotion implies showcasing your services or products as the best choice your customers can make to enrich their lives.

Ever seen the Pepsi commercials? Nobody would have thought that a can of soda can change your life but that’s exactly how they market and brand their stuff!


Excitement is a bomb in disguise. It creates instant gratification as it is related to the impulse directly. When you make people excited, they will more likely convert or engage but also will share this excitement with their friends and everyone.


The positive posts are shared on a large scale. This is where the power of positivity lies. The articles that are positive gets huge sharing as compared to those that are negative. It means positive, upbeat and happy stories or messages that utilize positive and happy images with lots of bright colors is a good idea.


It is the Fear of Missing Out. This first started as a marketing paper which was written back in 2000. It became quite famous until millennial while hipsters grabbed it and used it in terms of YOLO. Irrespective of the origin, this concept is strong, and people do not miss out on something which is or could be so amazing. By utilizing proper technique, you can showcase incredible things under this emotion.


A pretty simple concept! With this emotion, people wish to know more. Especially when you use question in right way you are more prone to earn lots of clicks. Start a fascinating story or ask a nice question and leave out best part to let curiosity work from here.

Emotions are a great way to connect humans. So, emotional marketing is the best choice to be used on Facebook as it takes people out of the box and aids them in connecting with feelings that in turn could increase the engagement and then conversions.

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