Can Banners help Boost Site Conversions?

Can Banners help Boost Site Conversions?

Banners a.k.a display advertising has seen a decline in the average click-through rates in the recent years. Reason? It’s getting harder to catch people’s attention. This Phoenix web design company is diving deep into the significance of online ad banners this week.

If you are a blogger or a publisher, we really don’t need to tell you how big a source of passive income banner advertising can be! This guide is for people who are already sold on the idea of using banner advertising but need some fresh hacks to make their banners stand out in the crowd.

Your Banner should match your Message: What’s a banner ad? For you simpletons (just kidding…), a banner is just a way to showcase the gist of your landing page. You take the message that your landing page is trying to deliver, you boil it down, and you get the perfect banner ever. Want to see some mind-blowing examples? You might have heard of Amnesty International and how awesome they are at creating banner ads.

Promote Your Special Deals and Offers: Banners are specifically good to promote the ‘limited time deals’. Since a banner ad catches the attention of the buyers almost instantly, it’s the best place to put your CTA to optimize the conversions.

Also, banner ads have been known to convert better if the element of ‘urgency’ is there. Keep your CTA as clear and straight-forward as possible and introduce a timely special offer that benefits the buyer ‘right now’.

Personalize Your Banners: If you are a regular reader of NextFly blog, you know we can’t stress enough on giving your audience a personalized experience. The sure shot way to engage your customers is to connect with them on an emotional level. Make it personal. Emotions always (always!) push people to pay attention.

Use Influencer Marketing: Get a niche micro-celebrity to vouch for your brand and market the heck out of that testimonial around your social media accounts – and your banner ads.

Make Sure Your Banners Match Your Brand: While creating the banner ads, keep your brand colors and logo in mind. Linking your banners with the visual image of your brand this way helps you build brand awareness.

Keep it all visually consistent so that the banner ads match your landing page, website logo, site color palette, and even your social media branding. So every time audience sees an on-site image or a logo of your brand, they immediately recognize it as yours.

It’s about Trial and Error

There is no blueprint in the world that will let you churn out an amazing banner ad at your first try. Did you know that Sony was able to increase the number of visitors that reach the shopping cart by 21.3% by A/B testing their banner ads?

So go out and create some banners but keep tweaking them to reach that level of perfection that gives you maximum results. If Sony can do it, so can you.

Moral of the story, yes banners CAN help boost your site conversions. All you need is the right tools and some testing to get you to your goal.

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