Email Automation Campaigns that Work While You Sleep

Email Automation Campaigns that Work While You Sleep

For most, a passive income stream that lets you make money while you sleep is some elusive dream. Though, the old souls in the website design Phoenix industry want you to know that’s its possible. Difficult, but definitely possible.

Out of all the ideas you could venture into for creating an automatic system of income – from selling a course on Udemy to publishing an eBook on Amazon Kindle – Email Automation is by far the most versatile one.

You already know that email marketing is still the highest ROI offering tool. No matter what kind of business you’re operating (maybe you ARE a course seller on Udemy), automated email campaigns can bolster your financial goals like no other option. If you want to create a solid stream of passive income, you can’t do better than automated email campaigns. Period.

Here are the different kinds of campaigns for your email list you can benefit from.

Welcome Emails

Also known as Nurture emails, welcome emails can be incredible powerful tool to engage with your customers. Research says that 74% of customers really look forward to a welcome email after signing up or making a purchase.

Now, there’s a lot that you want to convey in your welcome email – welcoming the customer, introducing them to the brand, setting future expectations, telling them about upcoming special deals, and requesting them to connect with you on social media.

As you see, it’s a lot. Instead of trying to cram it all up in one welcome email, create a series of multiple emails. It’s a great way to communicate the full benefit of your brand in understandable small bits.

It should look something like this;

Email 1 – Remind them why they are receiving this email and welcome them. Attach the offer that solicited the sign up (if any)

Email 2 – Tell them your brand story. Add info on your business and tell them what makes you different.

Email 3 – Build anticipation by clearly telling what they can expect from you in future.

Email 4 – Offer them a discount, or a voucher that will drive them to your store.

Cart Abandonment

69% of the carts are abandoned while shopping online. Can you imagine the horror? Businesses all over the world lose trillions in lost revenue each year due to cart abandonment.

Thankfully, there are successful businesses out there that have derived a successful solution. It goes like this;

Step 1: Email 1 – The Reminder – Remind the customers that they have an item in their cart. Do not offer them a discount just yet. What you do is include a picture of the item and list its benefits. Don’t forget to link it back to their cart.

Step 2: Email 2 – Apprehension Blaster – Figure out why they are still apprehensive and address the issue. If you can’t seem to find out what’s stopping them, just ask them.

Step 3: Email 3 – The Discount – Finally, if everything else has failed, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Offer them a discount or an incentive that’s sure to bring them back and complete the purchase. What’s better, some money or no money?

Cross Sell Emails

Taking care of your current customers always pays off in the long run. Heck, you don’t even need to spend time over trying to woo them; you know they are already sold. They know your brand, they trust your products, and they have already made the commitment to buy.

If you want to get even more out of the repeat customers, you need to find what appeals to them based on their past purchases. Then bring out your killer personalized offer that provides them value they can’t overlook. For example, if a customer bought a dress from you, you can show them a pair of shoes in the ‘recommended products’ category.

Re-engagement Emails

This email campaign is for you if you are observing a reduction in customer engagement. It is quite normal actually. As time goes by, the customer might lose the interest in your products. Slowly, they might stop opening your emails altogether.

To bring these customers or non-engagers back into the game is a bit tricky. It’s not always possible to re-engage with every customer, so be ready to accept that some have lost complete interest. Use this to your advantage and cut out the non-responsive from your list.

The ideal re-engagement email campaign begins with a simple email saying “We’ve missed you” or something similar. Offer them an incentive – a discount – to entice them into coming to your store again. If you don’t receive a response, it could be because the email is going into their SPAM email folder. Just let them know that if they don’t wish to continue with you, they will be UNSUBSCRIBED in a few days.

As you see, there are so many areas of your business that can be made effortless with automated email campaigns. So which campaign are you going to start with?

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