Image File Sizes For Website Explained

The best websites are the ones that include lots of eye-catching graphics, beautiful pictures, and useful infographics. A picture is worth a thousand words; therefore, you want to make sure that you’re including lots of images on your site. But if you have too many images, you may notice that your site is slow to […]

Top Secret Tips to Instantly Improve Your Email Conversions

Emails can often be tricky and leave a lot of room for miscommunication. Avoid the frustrations and headaches by following these simple tips by your favorite Phoenix web design company! Show Real Interest It is very obvious when you’re not interested in having a conversation, whether it’s in person or over mail. The advantage you […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Create an Effective Logo

phoenix branding

Your logo sets the tone for your company as a whole in the public arena. To make sure you come up with the right one, NEXTFLY Phoenix has compiled a list of essentials that all logos must embody. Keep reading to know more. Simplify Keeping your logo simple is essential for existing and potential customers to […]

The Coolest Social Media Boosters for Your Website: Custom Graphics!

Social Media is an integral part of any marketing plan. One of the best ways of making social media work for you is through custom graphics. In today’s fast paced world you have a total of 2 seconds to capture people’s attention on social media. Custom graphics come in handy here. More than commanding attention, […]

The Perfect Picture! How to Google optimize your images for Top Rankings

Every third search performed by Google is for images while almost 13% of SERPs confirm image results rank higher. Images can generate tons of traffic. So if you want to rank well in search engines and get your rightful share of traffic, it is important that you learn about optimizing your website images to score […]

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